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We are hiring!

       We are looking for Angels across the country

Do you have Angel potential? Would you like to join our team of talented Angels – please apply to the Hel’s  Hub adding all your skills and interests.

We will then contact you to arrange an interview as soon as we are coming to your area, we look forward to meeting you.

what it means to be an angel

As an Angel you join a team of highly motivated, skilled, and professional staff, who share a passion for teamwork and are handpicked for every job.

  • We’ll get you working on the best jobs, with brilliant like-minded staff.
  • We pay every 2 WEEKS, on time. No fuss.
  • Rewards happen every month, are open to everyone and are your chance to shine.
  • Opportunities to train and learn fabulous new skills.
  • Innovative, inspiring campaigns.
  • We are always at the end of the phone… just give us a call.

what it takes to be an angel

Our Angels are a diverse bunch of lovelies from all walks of life. Actors, singers, dancers… even doctors! That said, there are certain criteria we look for in everyone that guarantees success in any role we place them in.

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Bright and engaging
  • Always prepared to go the extra mile
  • Adaptable
  • Diverse skill base
  • Teamwork
  • Always energetic, enthusiastic, and positive… come rain or shine

Angels of the Month

The Angels of the Month for October are…

Anna & Rosie

Big congratulations to both of you,
your prize is on its way!

Our angels say...

"Massive thank you to you and all in the Hel’s office for you hard work and getting me and rest of us out there to work. Happy Christmas and amazing new year to you all. I am looking forward to doing many more exiting jobs for Hel’s!"

Jarno, London

"We are such a tight team of people, we love working together and have known each other for a long time - I believe that's the key to a smooth running event!"

Alice, London

"Hands down the nicest bunch of promo people I've worked with!"

Zoe, London

"Great team atmosphere, you really feel that everyone is pulling together. Great company to work for, great mix of fun and professionalism!"

Alex, London

"Working for Hel's is the best...they care about their staff, they know everyone by name & they pay regularly and on time. "

Gemma, London

"Everyday, someone new told us we had the best job in the world and I have to agree! It was great working alongside such lively, outgoing people and the whole campaign felt really well organised."

Tom, London

"I've worked with Hel's Angels since 2009. They supply fantastic on-going training, great support, very organised and you feel like part of a family. Definitely the best agency I have worked for!"

Eric, Edinburgh

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