People Behind The… People

written by Melina


To run a company where getting the most out of people is key to your success or failure, you need a strong team in place to deliver.

Our team at HA HQ not only have to manage our brands and deliver excellence in client service, they also need to inspire and motivate our army of Angels to perform over and above on projects.

So how do we ensure our team are the best they can be:

Strategic Recruitment

Our recruitment policy is as stringent for our HQ team as it is for our Angels and we don’t just look at industry knowledge. We look for people with interests and passions which they can bring into the workplace. Creative thinking is key, as is an ‘adapt and overcome’ attitude to problem solving.  We consistently get feedback from our brands that they feel in safe hands with our account management team.

360 Approach

When we receive a client brief we make sure we take a 360 approach to our response.  We look at the entire campaign, understanding where it sits within the marketplace and teasing out the core objectives and target audience. In this way we can be sure we are designing a fully rounded project which delivers for both the consumer and the brand.

We also work seamlessly across departments. With our project managers and staff bookers feeding back to our in-house talent team on a daily basis, updating them on upcoming projects. The talent team can then create specific recruitments plans for a role or plan geographically where a recruitment push is needed in the near future.

Clear Communication

Communication is at the heart of what we do and the quality of communication is key. We speak to our staff constantly regarding jobs, we engage with them over social media and send them regular newsletters. We also ask for staff feedback after every job in order to understand how the staff performed – rewarding those who have done well and managing any issues for those who might have underperformed. By showing the staff how much we value them by communicating with them properly, this is reflected in the pride they take in the jobs they do for us in the field when our brand ambassadors interact with the public on campaigns.

Career Progression

As with our Angels, we provide ongoing training and mentoring for our HQ team. We encourage skill sharing across departments, as we feel peer-to-peer learning is particularly important. We recognise people’s talents and nurture them, encouraging career progression at a pace which suits each individual.