People Behind The… Brand. Angel of The Year

written by Melina

In our new series of blogs we look at some of the defining pillars which make our Agency unique. And where better place to start than with our Angels – literally the people behind our brand.

In this blog we look in detail at one of our Angels, Phaedra, who won our Angel of the Year last year. Here we ask her a few questions about her award:

How do you feel about becoming AOTY?

“I was honestly so happy that I received the call saying that I had been voted Angel of the Year. Just the thought that the Angels that I have worked so closely with over the years had voted for me.”

What are the main skills you feel you’ve developed over the year?

“Over the last year I have really developed so many skills with all of the teams. From perfecting my front of house skills (like boxing tables!), nurturing my customer service interactions and taking my organisational skills to the next level, I feel so confident working across all different types of events.”

How have Hel’s Angels helped you gain these skills?

“Every team that I have worked with have been the most supportive in every single way. We have such a skilled group of people in so many areas it’s amazing to see how this shines through on each and every job, helping one another build on all the knowledge we all have.”

How has Hel’s Angels training programmes help you develop your Angel skills?

“I have recently done my Team Leader training and this has been incredibly beneficial on more than just jobs where I am a team leader. This has enabled me to understand on a deeper level the tasks that need doing on jobs.”

What was your Hel’s Angels highlight of the year?

“One of my favourite jobs was for Restaurant Story.  It was a long and hard job but spending so much time with one team built so many friendships and we became such a tight group.”

What do you enjoy most about working for Hel’s Angels?

“I have always loved the way that Hel’s Angels work so hard at every job and will always do the most that they can, forever going above and beyond for a client. Working for Hel’s Angels is like being part of a big amazing family!”

This is what our Founder Helen Hanson has to say about Phaedra:

“Watching Phaedra develop over her time with us has been lovely to watch. At Hel’s Angels we are all about recognising a quality in a person and nurturing it. We expect a huge amount from our team, she understands our core values and represents our Brands and company with professionalism, joy and sincerity – I am happy for her to fly the Hel’s Angels flag on any event. Phaedra has blossomed into a talented and trusted member of the team. She works seamlessly across both our Brand Engagement and Live Events teams and whether she is engaging in brand key messages or pouring champagne, she is fabulous and always goes the extra mile. She is well liked by her peers and consumers and guests LOVE her. She is currently on our Team Leader programme and I can see her developing into an excellent Event Manager. “

Our Angels of the Year awards are voted for annually by all our Angels, so it was also her peers that recognised Phaedra’s talents. Here is what some of them said about her on some of the jobs she has worked on:

“Super motivated. Didn’t complain about the cold and it was FREEZING!! Well presented, organised, hard worker and team player.”

“She got in amongst the job straight away with no hesitation and will approach anyone. She took in the training session very well and kept asking questions so she was on top of things. She is lovely and put many customers at ease with her calm exterior.”

“Phaedra was both focused and fun, organised and task oriented. She took extra initiative throughout the event without being asked, and it was good to see her make an effort and enjoy it.”

Phaedra’s journey as an Angel really sums up our ethos of recognising raw talent and spirit and developing and nurturing it to benefit both our clients and the Angels themselves.