Thirsty Thursday – Hel’s Angels 12 Drinks of Christmas

written by Melina

For our last Thirsty Thursday of the year, we bring you the 12 drinks of Christmas as nominated by our fabulous team at Hel’s Angels HQ. There is a combination of classics and lesser know Christmas tipples to keep you going right through the festive season. Actually there are more than 12 but who’s counting?

So here goes. Get those drinks cabinets stocked up:

Helen – Founder & Managing Partner 

Sherry, because it is both nostalgic and making a huge comeback right now. Plus my maiden name was Osborne. And then Champagne; it’s the ultimate celebration drink with my family plus it’s slightly decadent and who doesn’t love a bit of indulgence?

Kim – Managing Partner 

I always spend Christmas in sunny South Africa, so my Christmas drink is an ice cold Windhoek Lager generally alongside a braai!

Dionne – Finance

Port is my signature festive drink. Delicious, warming and very Christmassy.

Suzie – Live Events

Snowballs are the ultimate Christmas drink. Plus if you consider that it’s (alcoholic) custard and has a glacé cherry in it, it makes them totally acceptable for breakfast

Leah – Brand Engagement

Mimosa. A socially acceptable way of partying at breakfast! As a child we were always allowed to have whatever we wanted for Breakfast on Christmas morning. Then it used to be chocolate. Now its a cocktail.

Evie – Live Events

Mistletoe Margaritas are da bomb! They are an excellent late night present-wrapping cocktail, while watching Love Actually.

Melina – Brand Engagement

I love a Gingerbread Margarita! Mixing my love for one of the ultimate festive tastes and strong booze!

Rebecca – Brand Engagement

I like a Winter Pimm’s… or a bailey’s iced latte.  Loads of Christmas flavours and they don’t feel too naughty to have a bit earlier in the day….

Debs – Live Events

Sazerac: Rye Whisky, Cognac, a bit of absinthe and some bitters… what else could you want for Christmas than a drink that keeps you warm?! You can add some winter spices to make it more Christmassy… but you don’t want to spoil the taste of a classic Sazerac really.

Juan – Talent

Classic Pornstar Martini. I like fruity cocktails and I do love a bit of bubbles in the Christmas period, who doesn’t?

Martyna – Live Events

I am going for Baileys Hot Chocolate, it fills up your soul with joy and Christmas spirit. In fact, I am known to make the best hot chocolate among my family and friends. Baileys just makes it better!

Craig – Live Events

My Favourite Christmas drink is Purple Rain, because it’s colourful, tart and Parma Violet-like.

Jess – Brand Engagement

Cinnamon Butter Rum. One, because it sounds like something out of Harry Potter and Two, because it is delicious both warm and cold and gets you tiddly.