Borough Market Cookbook Club

written by Guest Angel

At Hel’s Angels, there are some jobs which give us constant pleasure and joy and our client at Borough Market is one such example.  Over a number of years we have supplied a wide variety of Angels to provide impeccable service at various Borough Market events, in particular the Borough Market Cookbook Club.

Here, our Angel Jonathan describes what it’s like to be a part of this fun and vibrant club:

“Every household has them.

Neatly arranged amongst the Readers Digests at your Grandmothers. On top of the microwave at your Parents. Gathering dust at most. They are our guiding light when feeling a little ‘Come Dine With Me’, when wanting to hit it off with the person you like or to call yourself a makeshift Delia….Cookbooks!

We gather our shopping lists and reusable bags, measure our measurements, don our finest aprons, pull silly tongue-out concentration faces and create what we like to believe is the masterpieces of the culinary world.

In 2016 Borough Market formed a group aimed solely at the people whose philosophy is Live-to-Eat and not Eat-to-Live, a cause I am fully on board with – Borough Market Cookbook Club.

Led by the wonderful and always well prepared Angela Clutton, small groups of foodies gather above the tiny streets of the market within an intimate kitchen space and indulge, engage, debate and deconstruct a different cookbook and the culinary treats that lay within.

From Nigella to Ottolenghi, the range and style of cuisine is vibrant, the colours are radiant, the smells are captivating, not forgetting to mention delicious in the process.

The atmosphere is light and welcoming. Sharing thoughts and feelings on not just each other’s dishes but their own. The best part naturally being the moment when trying all of the amazing main courses and desserts on offer; paired beautifully with the delicious local wines kindly provided by Borough Market trader, Borough Wines.

The club has been running for just over a year and Borough Market recently threw a big celebratory party within the market, inviting all the members over the course of their inaugural year to bring their favourite dishes from Jane Grigson’s ‘Fruit’ and ‘Vegetables’ books, to gather as one big family, to share and celebrate their love of cooking…and mine of eating.

To see the market during the party, the variety of food, the conversation, the music, the laughter and the London summer sunshine, was a reminder that togetherness is key. This is what the food experience is all about. – Community. We come together, we break bread, we connect. Food brings people together. It has done for centuries and will continue to do so for centuries more. “

For further information about the lovely events on offer at Borough Market, click here.