SSE Women’s FA Cup Final

written by Guest Angel

Hel’s Angels has been lucky enough to work with SSE for a number of years now, providing a highly trained and engaging team of ‘Energisers’ to its flagship venue SSE Arena Wembley. The team provide excellent customer service, whilst also energising the SSE brand for all major events hosted at Wembley.  And last month was no different, when we were asked to supply a top team of Angels to help enhance people’s experience of the Women’s FA Final. One of our Team Leaders, Vicky recounts what it was like to be part of the experience:

“National support and recognition for women’s football has rocketed over the last few years.  A fact which was more than evident when, on Saturday 13th May, a record crowd of just over 35,000 supporters came to Wembley Stadium to watch the 2017 SSE Women’s FA Cup Final. Man City were set to take on Birmingham City Ladies. The gates opened and a river of blue poured in as the excited fans arrived. The atmosphere was charged and positive. The event had pulled in a diverse crowd, men and women of all ages, some to support their home team and some just to celebrate the beautiful game.

I was there as one of the team leaders on a forty strong crack Hel’s Angels team of SSE ‘Energisers’.  In short, our role was to distribute SSE branded cheering paraphernalia to the attendees while geeing them up, promoting an upbeat, friendly vibe and ensuring everyone was having an all-round great time. We Angels love this kind of job, it’s an enormous privilege to work at such a prestigious event, especially at a venue like Wembley Stadium and with characteristic charm and spirit the team rose to the occasion splendidly.

People went absolutely bananas for the SSE merchandise! It was all we could do to keep the stands stocked as fevered fans approached in their droves to get their hands on (and in) our foam-football cheering mitts. Being the face of SSE at the event gave us a great opportunity to interact with some of their customers. SSE gave people signed up to the Reward scheme the chance to be a part of the day. Younger fans played special roles including player escort, ball carrier, flag bearer and player of the match trophy presenter. Their customers were also able to claim free tickets to watch the match. It was lovely for us to be on the frontline, hearing all the positive feedback about the company and the experiences they give people.

SSE are a massive advocate of women’s football. Not only do they sponsor the Women’s FA Cup  but they also run a nationwide scheme aimed at getting young women into the sport and supporting those who perhaps wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity. It was such a pleasure to look around the concourse of the venue and see group after group of young women and girls, local football teams from all over the UK, charged and excited to see their role models battle it out for the silverware. I was very proud as a Brand Ambassador for SSE to be working alongside the guys that were making this possible for so many.

In the end, Manchester City swept away Birmingham with a 4-1 victory, but as our Angels said goodbye, everyone was in good spirits. It was one of those sporting events that really makes you feel good, a real hub of positive energy where everyone, whether on the pitch or in the stands, was at the top of their game. And Hel’s Angels were at the centre of it, the fuel that kept the fire burning.”