How Can Brands Stand Out at Festivals?

written by Melina

The festival season is almost upon us again. And with hundreds of thousands of people attending festivals across the UK and beyond it’s one of the prime environments in which brands clamour to have a voice.

Brand activation is not new at festivals and what used to be mainly about one brand providing revenue in return for headline sponsorship, now sees multiple brands vying for festival goers attention. So how can brands stand out in what has now become a very cluttered marketplace?

Add to the Fun

It’s no good a brand simply pushing its own agenda or service, a branded activity really has to add to the enjoyment of the festival and give itself a reason for existing. If brands can become as much a part of the entertainment as the headline performers themselves, they will have gone a long way to achieving positive brand association.

Provide an Experience

As we are continually hearing, people are now valuing experiences over owning ‘stuff’. Festivals are the perfect place to provide potential consumers with unforgettable experiences, which they will talk about and share. But the experience had to be right for the festival and the audience. Designing a campaign which wraps a brand’s product or services around an immersive experience which feels exclusive or unexpected will resonate much more strongly with the audience.

Understand the Audience

Be authentic. By understanding the audience and what they enjoy doing at a festival should be one of the first things brands should consider when designing festival activity. Consumers are so savvy these days they are quick to spot fake sentiment. So really making sure the activity feels true to the audience and the brand itself is key.

Simply handing out a few free samples or using festivals as a promotional opportunity won’t cut it with fans.  Brands need a reason to exist at festivals to make them feel part of the entertainment and a destination experience for people.