Glenfiddich at Craft Beer Rising

written by Guest Angel

We have been lucky enough to have worked with Glenfiddich for a number of years, providing highly trained Whisky mentors for immersive tastings across the UK. Glenfiddich have constantly evolved their brand and tasked us with bringing their new innovations to life, whilst also demonstrating their deep and long heritage. And this year has been no different, as we have helped Glenfiddich get the word out about their Experimental Series of products, including the IPA Experiment, which sees Glenfiddich paired with craft beer.

One of our Angels, Geir, describes the public’s reaction at the recent Craft Beer Rising festival:

“As soaring temperatures swept across Scotland’s Capital, there was no better excuse to wander down into Leith and pay a visit to the annual Craft Beer Festival. Housed in The Biscuit Factory, the three-day festival has been a longstanding proponent of innovative beers, giving platform to both the established favourites, as well as the new talent.

A perfect stage then, for Glenfiddich to showcase the avant-garde, IPA Experiment.

A step into Brewing? Well not exactly. The IPA Experiment is a collaborative project between Glenfiddich and Speyside Craft Brewery, which has given birth to a whisky-enhanced Indian Pale Ale and a Whisky finished in IPA seasoned casks. The result is an intriguing tipple that retains the honeyed sweetness carried by many Speyside whiskies but with a floral, zesty finish, that lightens the flavour.

Undoubtedly, the festival guests had some initial reservations, after all this was explicitly a beer festival. As patrons began to arrive, there were some confused glances, even the odd exclamation of “Whisky? At a beer festival?” however, curiosity got the better of most people. By the end of each day, the IPA experiment was flying off the bar, complimented with a curl of orange peel and a cube of ice. This combination known as “the perfect serve” proved popular beyond expectation, with many who had confessed to dislike the spirit leaving the stall as whisky converts.

We were also fortunate enough to have Speyside Craft Brewery on site with their unreleased whisky-IPA on tap. As interest mounted around both, it became apparent that the crowd were genuinely intrigued to try both products and compare the tastes. Privy to an explanation from both the beer and the whisky perspective, each guest had their own take on where the similarities lay, what notes they both shared and of course which they preferred.

The IPA Experiment and the event itself were roaring successes. The atmosphere struck that goldilocks balance of jovial intoxication, without losing any of the sophistication and artisanal passion shared by both brewers and patrons. It was an ideal environment to foster interest in this maverick whisky grain and gave a certain insight into its public reception.”