Thirsty Thursday – Rosé Bank Holiday cocktail

written by Melina

The popularity of Rosé knows no bounds. What was once thought of as a purely ‘girly’ drink is now the firm spring & summer drink of choice among both men and women. Rosé consumption had been on the rise in the last decade and the variety and quality of the pink drink has increased significantly. What was once only seen as a drink of refreshment is now growing in popularity as also one of refinement.

Rosé is the perfect food partner. You rarely see the French or Spanish sipping it without a bite to eat. White fish, prawns and shellfish are clearly a hit, and paella with rosado is a classic match. Drier pink wines are great with cold and cured meats, spring vegetable risottos, tomato couscous, grain-based salads, sushi or black olives and tapenade.

So to welcome in the bank holiday, here’s our very own take on Rosé, the Daiquirosé (or Rosaquiri, we couldn’t decide)..

The Daiquirosé

Switch up the classic Daiquiri with a simple and beautiful addition:

60ml dry rosé

30 ml Rum

15ml fresh lime juice

15ml sugar syrup

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into glass of choice. Garnish with lime wedge or slice.


Happy bank holiday weekend!