Singha Beer Thai New Year

written by Melina

In Thailand, New Year is celebrated in April with the Songkran water festival, which marks the washing away of impurities and sees the people of Thailand take to the streets to participate in a country-wide water fight.

To mark this occasion, Eulogy PR briefed Hel’s Angels to take over and own a space in the heart of London and create an authentic Thai experience for consumers, for their client Singha Beer. They wanted an immersive dining experience perfectly linking Singha and the water celebrations of Songkran.

So what better way to hold a Thai New Year celebration in London then by taking over a barge on the River Thames and reinventing it as the ultimate Songkran celebration courtesy of Singha? We designed an environment which would showcase the authentic Thai heritage of Singha whilst also injecting a modern twist.

The menus were designed and cooked by Seb Holmes, Founder and Head Chef of Farang London. A restaurant which serves modern Thai street food with a focus on fusing seasonal ingredients with home-made Thai Street food. We created a bespoke cocktail menu, using lots of Thai flavors and designed to pair perfectly with the food.

Over 2 days, 120 lucky guests experienced a sit-down, three course Thai banquet, bespoke cocktails and of course Singha beer on board the barge. They dinned in an opulent Thai setting that nodded to both the old and new Thailand and were entertained with various Thai arts including a paper artist doing origami-style demonstrations.