Motivating Teams

written by Melina

In this week’s blog we take a look at some of the ingredients that help motivate staff when working on long term campaigns, by taking an in-depth look at our SSE Energisers who provide help, assistance, advice and rewards to customers at the SSE Arena Wembley.

For all major events, our team of SSE Energisers are called upon to assist with various aspects of public interactions. The Energisers are brilliant in their knowledge, credible and friendly, they are the first smiling face that a customer sees and represent the heart and soul of SSE. They energise the brand and the venue, giving people that extra special treatment that they would not expect to find anywhere else. But how do we ensure that our team of Angels keep performing to such high standards week after week?

The Right Recruitment Process

Selecting and training a group of outstanding Team Leaders and Brand Ambassadors to be the first point of contact for the public is key. Bespoke recruitment, face-to-face interviews, in-depth training and on-going refresher training is vital to selecting the ultimate team of brand ambassadors with the perfect mix of energy and impeccable customer service. We also need to ensure that the team doesn’t go stale, so we periodically add new members to the team without comprising its stability.

Incentivise The Team

One of the core tasks that the Energisers perform is approaching and engaging with the public to enhance the guest’s experience of both the venue and SSE. Our team leaders are trained in ways to encourage the team onsite, from positive praise and feedback through to keeping the job fun.  We also run an Energiser of the month scheme, where we can reward outstanding performance.  Making sure the team are fully prepared and motivated, means a fully energised team of Angels who create a fantastic working environment that the team can thrive in.

Communication is Key

Communicating with the team is vital to ensure staff retention and ongoing motivation.  We do this through regular newsletters dedicated to the staff. From introducing them to new team members, announcing Energiser of the month, through to imparting vital information about the venue; our Angels feel part of a dedicated community.

Planning the team

Keeping the staff’s mind stimulated and active is important in maintaining ongoing motivation. Not only does this engage the staff but also keeps the event fresh and enjoyable. Many staff enjoy working systematically, so we prepare for this and give the team the option to change roles or rotate staff positions. We also match our Angels strategically by pairing those with opposite strengths, so they can learn from each other and broaden their knowledge and experiences.

By using various strategies to constantly motivate and reward the team, our team of SSE Energisers have become a loyal and stable group, who are able to offer impeccable customer service and bring the SSE brand to life.