The Power of Partnerships

written by Melina

In the world of experiential marketing, partnerships between agencies and clients, in which both entities are working toward shared objectives are key to designing successful campaigns.  If agencies and brands can foster a successful partnership, communication becomes so much more open and allows the agency to become part of a client’s world and ambitions.

Once clients share their objectives beyond just that of a campaign, it allows agencies an insight into the bigger picture and brings the client and consumer into the center of their thinking.

Essential elements to successful partnerships include:


Open communication is key to a successful partnership, where both agency and client feel comfortable sharing both positive and negative thoughts.  If common goals are communicated clearly, it allows for campaigns to be structured in a way that benefits the consumer.


Partnerships help with collaboration because it makes the group put the right people in the room to solve specific problems or take advantage of opportunities for clients. Another powerful collaboration is when people come together from all different agencies for a common goal.


Trust is such a key element to a successful partnership. Trust allows for a greater flow of communication between agencies and clients and allows for a deep understanding of the business. As the client, you need to be able to trust your agency partner to cultivate a productive relationship. Partnerships work best when you are transparent and work toward the same goals.

Shared Goals and Values

When clients and agencies aren’t on the same page, it becomes impossible to produce positive results. A lack of unification leads to misaligned objectives, rendering campaigns unsuccessful. Clients must educate agencies on their business, and ask the same from their agency. Once everyone paints a clear picture that reflects each party’s values, you can ensure a healthy relationship that fosters growth for all involved parties.

One such successful example of this, is our relationship with William Grant and Sons. Hel’s Angels has been working with William Grant and Sons since 2009, providing highly trained whisky mentors and brand ambassadors for its Glenfiddich brand. Earlier in the year, we were appointed by William Grant & Sons as one of a select group of partner agencies, in an effort to enable all agencies to work in collaboration across its portfolio of luxury spirits. It selected partners with values and ambitions that align to it as a business, in order to create a working environment where the highest standard of work can be produced.

Hel’s Angels remit will be to provide hand-picked brand ambassadors and drinks mentors across the portfolio of brands including: Glenfiddich, Hendrick’s, Monkey Shoulder, Sailor Jerry, The Balvenie, Tullamore D.E.W and Grants.

By having a deeper understanding of a brand, it allows us to create experiences which are wrapped around their products and services, which ultimately gives consumers a reason to engage in conversation.