The Importance of Team Building

written by Guest Angel

As an agency who’s all about teamwork, we know the importance of taking some time out of our busy calendar to invest in activities where staff can be motivated outside of the office environment. Away-days are also important for making staff feel appreciated and valued, which in turn is good for staff retention.

Earlier in February, Hel’s Angels HQ were lucky enough to take a trip to Bruges to spend some well-earned time partaking in a team building weekend. One of our team members Frances, recounts some of the highlights:

“On Friday afternoon, the eleven of us bundled on the Eurostar at Kings Cross, armed with just enough Prosecco and snacks to last the 3-hour journey. A quick change at Brussels meant we arrived in the historic city of Bruges around 8pm, ready to explore and most importantly, sample the national food and drink. A short taxi journey gave us a chance to see the charming city, with it’s pretty canals and picturesque bridges and after a swift check-in at our beautiful hotel, we had a quick bite at a nearby jazz restaurant, which did not disappoint! After enjoying the delicious cuisine, we moved on to some local bars where the team-building really began, on the dancefloor! We continued kicking up our heels into the night, before heading back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep, ready for the following day’s activities.

In the morning, the weather was kind enough to stay dry for us as we enjoyed a Belgium waffle breakfast before meeting our team-building guide. We split into two groups, which gave us a brilliant opportunity to team up with and work alongside people that we don’t normally work with on a day-to-day basis back at Hel’s Angels HQ. The crazy race involved following ‘Freddy the Gnome’ around the city using a tablet to locate him. Along the way we had to use our creativity and originality to beat the other team at Freddy’s quirky challenges. Feeling motivated and inspired, one team led a tour group of 35 people in a conga along the canal; whilst the other team orchestrated a crowd in a ‘Happy Birthday’ sing-a-long at the local beer festival! Strangely enough, tackling these bonkers tasks created an opportunity for us to reflect on our company policies and ethos, while re-confirming company values, as we all pulled together and brought our different strengths in order to make the challenge a success.

It was a great way to discover the city in a fun and unique way, as well as seeing how each member brings something different to the team.  With everyone really working together to be as creative and imaginative as possible, while having a hilarious time.

We ended the afternoon with a cosy drink by the fire at the hotel, before heading back to the train station and hopping on the Eurostar home. The trip home was slightly more subdued than the journey out but with our pedometers reading at 20,000 steps for that day, it’s hardly surprising! We returned feeling refreshed and motivated and stories from our trip are still being told in the office weeks later.”

The company founder, Helen Hanson said ‘As a company we have always championed the importance of teamwork, so it was truly inspiring to see the greatness of our team pulling together on our away trip. The team have returned even more motivated and enthused and I know it will help us to achieve even greater results… oh and the beer and chocolates were delicious. Bruges thank you for having us.’