Kraken RUMantics

written by Guest Angel

At Hel’s Angels we are suckers for a love story and this Valentine’s Day was no different as we were tasked with designing and activating a truly RUMantic campaign for our client Proximo UK for Kraken Rum. What better way to bring Valentine’s Day to life than through the brand’s anti-hero – the Kraken himself. But we needed something through which to relay his mystic messages from the deep. Enter our Mystic Medium……

Armed with her mysterious fortune telling Kraken and the force of the great beast himself, she enticed bar-goers to be brave enough to have their love futures told:

“Upon the weekend preceding St Valentines’ Day, I was tasked with foretelling the romantic futures of the masses. Along with my very own powers of premonition I also had enlisted the help of the mighty Kraken; together we make a most mystical team.

The Kraken and I have a deep, meaningful history that goes back many moons. Our paths were crossed as though it were written in the stars, and even I could not predict the magnitude of the partnership we would forge. He summons his magic from a deep inky darkness one could never fathom – even I have only been allowed to scratch the surface of his true power. Together, our combined power is so intense that it must only be used wisely and with care. To foretell romantic futures is a perfect use of our magic, as love is such a positive force in every which form it takes.

On the night ordained for such love activities, I entered an establishment seeking those looking for answers.  Once found, the couple in question fell under my powerful spell.  As the Kraken is far too powerful to be unleashed upon mortals, it was my task to channel the Kraken and its force in order to tell them what lies in store in their romantic future.

Many may be lucky and have romance on the horizon; others may not be so lucky, and have their immediate loving futures fall victim to the Kraken. No matter what the outcome of our foretelling and their immediate future, the powers that be will always lead to love and passion. Mortals must sit tight, romance is only ever around the corner.”