International Women’s Day

written by Melina

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we take a look at the founding principles of our company, which champion the power and intelligence of women, in an industry which was once known for employing female promotional staff purely based on aesthetics.

When our founder Helen Hanson started Hel’s Angels 20 years ago, it was at a time when female promotional staff were booked for campaigns based largely on image. At the time, our company’s offering was revolutionary – providing both female and male staff with personality and character who could intelligently deliver brand messages.  Much has changed in the industry since then but our founding principles still hold true when we consider who makes the perfect Angel.

We meet all our staff face to face

Before any potential brand ambassador is accepted onto our database, we insist on meeting them face to face. We hold initial group interviews to check communication skills, team work and how people present themselves, so we can get a full picture of that person and potentially which of our brands they would be right for.  We never employ people purely based on how they look, we want to meet them to see what interests and excites them, and what their skills are. We find this approach leads to longer staff retention and happy, engaged teams of field staff who are working on campaigns which genuinely interest them.


We invest a lot of time on in-house training. We believe in educating people about the industry so that they understand about the marketing world in general and what brands are trying to achieve.  Staff also get specific brand training, so when talking to the public they come across as knowledgeable and engaged, not just a ‘pretty face’ handing out samples. Our staff have other interests, skills and qualifications –  from professional actors through to cocktail bartenders. We harness these qualities and help develop them further in order to provide added value on brand activity.

Selecting the right people for the job

Client have requests, which of course includes how they want their brand ambassadors to look but our emphasis on personality and character means they get the whole package. We cast based on skills and interests, not just appearance.  As brands are realising they need to build relationships with their consumers, not just raise awareness, the importance of well trained, intelligent staff who can deliver effective brand messages becomes more and more vital.

Our Founder Helen Hanson says: “I am inspired daily by the power and intelligence of the many women I work with. But be it female or male, we celebrate all our Angels for being fabulous humans; engaging, diverse, creative, bright and intelligent.”

Happy International Women’s Day