Thirsty Thursday – The After National Margarita Day

written by Melina

Made from the fermented juice of Mexico’s famous agave plant, tequila has become increasingly popular in the UK cocktail scene in recent years and we’ve seen a shift in consumer’s behaviour towards the Mexican’s Spirit.

It’s been said that all whisky drinkers are tequila drinkers too, but they just don’t know it yet.

Indeed, premium tequilas are making a play for more shelf space and it has helped consumers change their attitude towards it.

100% Agave plant tequilas are on the rise & should be treated like a fine whisky. Also it won’t leave you hungover, so don’t put away your sombrero yet!

If you had one too many on National Margarita Day yesterday, we have just the right answer for you:

This month we have concocted the perfect Bloody Maria!

60ml Tequila

120ml Tomato juice

15ml Fresh lemon juice

8 drops of Hot pepper sauce

½ spoon of Horseradish sauce

15ml Port

2 pinch of Celery salt

2 grind of Black pepper


Roll rather than shake all ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a High Ball filled with ice.


Believe us, it is delicioso… Salud everyone!