The Color Run with Capri-Sun

written by Guest Angel

Over the summer, communications agency Brands2Life tasked us with putting together a colourful team of promotional staff for Capri-Sun, one of the main sponsors of the Color Run – the happiest and most colourful 5k run on the planet! The team were hand-picked by us and briefed to bring motivation and joy to runners taking part in this unique experience.  One of our team members, Kitty, recounts the experience on the day:

“Throughout the year, Hel’s Angels have had the pleasure of working with Capri-Sun at The Color Run, the happiest 5k on the planet. I know what you’re thinking – running a 5k isn’t quite the first thing that springs to mind when you think of happiness or fun. But having been a part of the grand finale Color Run in Brighton I can say The Color Run has certainly changed my perspective.

We had a great team who were stationed at The Finish Festival, which is where participants congregated before the 5k and had their warm ups before running. The comperes and DJ created a fantastic atmosphere by playing all the best songs to get you energised, partnered with hilarious jokes from the comperes. It was here that I was given the awesome opportunity to be a walking, talking, dancing, prancing Capri-Sun pouch! Through my funkiest dance moves I was able to help hype up the crowd and get people pumped before they got running – I had so many people boogie with me and the team! I managed to get lots of participants to take pictures in our Instagram Capri Sun photo frame, so runners had some cool pictures to upload to their social media accounts.

Once the run was over, that was when the party began and it truly became a Finish Festival. The tunes started playing and my team and I were at the finish line ready to quench everyone’s thirst with pouches of Capri-Sun, and sampled to everyone who finished. I’ve never seen a more colourful bunch; it was like everyone had gone tie-dye! Everyone was so happy to see us on the finish line and Capri-Sun was so popular we ran out of samples – a true testament to its tastiness.

As people partied and became even more colourful due to the colourful powders thrown into the audience, we perused the crowds and got more people to take some super-cool pictures for their social media accounts – always reminding them to #SqueezeTheDay!

It was a fantastic experience and if I’m not a dancing Capri-Sun next year I’ll most certainly be taking part!”