How do Brand Ambassadors connect with consumers?

written by Melina

As an agency who specialises in hand-picked staff, we are proud of our track record of matching our Angels skills to like-minded brands. But what does it take to create a genuine Brand Ambassador who truly embodies a brand?

We take a look at one of our Angels, James and the work we do with Benefit Cosmetics, to highlight the extra special relationship that can be created with consumers when you get the Brand Ambassador role right.

Selection Process

In 2015 when creative agency The Persuaders asked us to partner with them on a tour for Benefit Cosmetics’ famous mascara ‘Roller Lash’, we set about identifying Angels who had the skills and interests that matched the brand’s. We selected James for the exceptional characteristics and qualities he possesses – including a cheeky sense of fun, boundless energy and impeccable customer service. And as soon as Benefit met him, they agreed.

His affiliation with the brand and his engagement with consumers was so impressive that a special Brand Ambassador role was created for him for all future activity.  This was a special honour for James and testament to Hel’s Angels philosophy of matching our Angel’s talents to brands.

Consistency is key

Since that time, we have worked on a number of different activities, from teaching consumers about the perfect brows to bringing the ‘Good Ship Benefit’ to life. We have supplied Character staff and Brand Ambassadors for a wide variety of activities but the one thing which has remained constant throughout all of these activities is one Angel – James.

This exceptional, ongoing role continues.  James is essential to every activity Hel’s Angels does for the brand and for some activities particular characters are created especially for him.

The importance of in-depth training

James has received multiple in-depth product training courses, which means he can seamlessly immerse consumers in the world of Benefit. James expertly utilises his product training to demonstrate key highlights of the brand’s cosmetics in a unique and memorable way.

Understand the Audience

James truly embodies the Benefit brand, which is an interesting concept as he is a man who doesn’t wear any of the products. However, this is precisely what makes him such an outstanding Ambassador. What he does so brilliantly is understand the audience and more importantly he loves the audience and has a unique connection with them. Just as Benefit’s cosmetics do – he makes the consumer feel special and totally fabulous! This rare quality of identifying with a brand and its audience is truly special.

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