Beauty & Go at Selfridges

written by Guest Angel

This month has seen us provide a team of hand-picked brand ambassadors to host the Beauty & Go experience in Selfridges.  Offering amazing skin benefits in drink format, it has been our Angels task to inform the public about this beautiful brand and help them choose a drink which is right for them. Here one of our team, Charlotte recounts what the experience has been like:

“If you’re planning a cheeky visit to Selfridge’s, then do visit the Beauty & Go stand. Located in the prestigious depths of the Food Hall, you will find a lovely, friendly, wonderfully informed Angel poised to teach you about the many benefits this drink has to offer.

I was mind blown when I first heard about Beauty & Go and was super excited to educate more people about it. There are four delicious flavours designed to benefit the skin in many different ways – it is beauty that you drink!  Much like more conventional beauty products, each of the flavours has a specific function:

Skin Revive is a perfect bedtime beauty cocktail – like a night cream, (but let’s be honest, you’d rather drink a delicious drink than go to bed with a wet, night-creamy face!) it features pomegranate, raspberry and persimmon while controlling collagen formation, ensuring firmness and elasticity.

Skin Detox is designed to purify, eliminate toxins and stimulate the metabolism. It contains bioactive ingredients such as spirulina algae, zinc, apple and artichoke and it’s super tasty.

Skin Vitality is very tropical. Ingredients include pineapple, gingko biloba and guarana. This particular drink gives the skin a burst of energy, elasticity and luminosity. It’s perfect after late nights as a little brain boost and ideal before, during and after physical exercise.

Skin Brilliance is the perfect way to start your day. Its formula protects skin against external and internal aggressors, leaving the skin smooth, healthy and luminous. With red grape, rosehip and persimmon it also helps the immune system and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

I found the prospect of working solo quite daunting before training and briefing, but afterwards, I was raring to go! It is impossible to feel ill-equipped for the job with the training program Hel’s Angels provided. Although each of us are working alone, the support network at Hel’s Angels ensures that we’re all in contact with each other, working with each other and essentially never actually working alone. The communication between the office and field workers is second to none and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

This campaign has been an absolute dream to work on; not only are the public fascinated by the idea of “beauty that you drink” but they’re excited about their health – I get to promote healthy living, and to me that is the best job of all. It’s safe to say that there has definitely been a gap in the market for Beauty & Go, and thankfully it has been filled!”