What makes a successful team?

written by Melina

What makes a successful team of brand ambassadors?  In this weeks’s blog we take a look at some of the ingredients for a highly performing team, by taking an in-depth look at our SSE Energisers who provide help, advice and rewards to customers at the SEE Hydro in Glasgow and the SSE Arena in London.

Energy supplier SSE hold headline sponsorship of both venues and as industry leaders in customer service, their dream was to bring this level of care to the customers of both venues. SSE envisioned that visiting the venues would not just be about viewing outstanding live entertainment – they wanted to be able to create the ultimate VIP experience through human interaction. Their aim was to excite consumers beyond the music, and be more than just a sponsor but also a friend.  So the concept of the ‘Energisers’ were born – a team of professionally trained customer service specialists, tasked with bringing the venues to life through hosting, brand amplification and enhancing consumer experience with exceptional customer service.

Hel’s Angels was chosen to be SSE’s partner in this endeavour and tasked with recruiting, training and managing this ultimate team of brand ambassadors who have the perfect mix of energy and impeccable customer service.

Recruitment and Training. 

We set about selecting and training a group of outstanding Team Leaders and Brand Ambassadors to be the first point of contact for the public at both the SSE Hydro and SSE Arena.  We knew that our recruitment strategy would be key to achieving SSE’s objectives so a clear action plan was devised, including:

  • Specifically recruiting staff in each end of the country
  • Ensuring the staff we selected embodied the SSE company ethos by doing face to face interviews with all shortlisted candidates and selecting them based on a specific criteria agreed with the client
  • Once selected, conducting in-depth training with staff to guarantee impeccable customer service
  • Retaining staff to ensure a consistent, highly trained team. This included training a larger pool of staff, keeping staff motivated to stay part of the team and ensuring positive and ongoing communication

Live Events 

For all major events at both venues our team are called upon to assist with various aspects of public interactions, including, welcoming, greeting and directing SSE guests, upgrading guests to various SSE rewards, being informative about SSE as a company and assisting guests with special needs. In order for the team to enhance the consumer’s experience they had to be brilliant in their knowledge, credible and friendly. They have to be the first smiling face that a customer sees and represent the heart and soul of SSE. And equally importantly they need to energise the brand and the venue, giving people that extra special treatment they would not expect to find anywhere else.

What do the public think?

Through conducting anecdotal feedback from the public we could measure how well our team were doing and it was clear to see that our Angels were embodying the spirit of the brand and not only enhancing the customer’s experience but also providing impeccable customer service:

‘Such lovely and completely unexpected customer service from a gig venue’

‘Thank you for turning a bad night into a fun one’

‘Amazing, it’s great to have a comfy place to sit and have a drink whilst the support acts are on and free phone charging? What a great idea.’

‘The way the staff have dealt with my worries about my daughter and a friend going to their first concert have totally put my mind at ease. The SSE team are all so kind and generous, a lot of other venues could learn from how they do things!’

The ultimate ‘team’

To achieve the ultimate team, consistency was key, as the staff have to know the venues inside out. We were able to train and develop very loyal team members and worked closely with SSE to achieve a strong team that feels valued in its work. Keeping close-knit relationships with the client and staff help us maintain an excellent level of rapport and trust. We constantly strive for ways to improve customer and client experience whilst implementing a high standard of service.

The team were clear in their objectives and understood the standards SSE expected of them and in this way we were able to create a brilliant team of motived and well trained brand ambassadors who consistently delight and surprise guests at both of the SSE venues.