written by Melina

This month is very special to us indeed – if you haven’t seen our latest blog, we have been inspiring people for two decades… so from all the team we wish a very Happy 20th Birthday to Hel’s Angels!

This of course would not have happened without the precious help of our beloved Angels out in the field bringing our campaigns to life.

In celebration, we thought we would devote this Thirsty Thursday, and raise our glasses, to a few of our favourite cocktails our Angels have shaken up over the years, using the latest trends & techniques in the industry:

–       The Night Time Gimlet – GHD S&M Studio London Fashion Week – with The Persuaders

To celebrate London Fashion Week, GHD transformed its Soho studio into the GHD S&M Salon – Sleek and Movement (obviously)! Guests could experience this provocatively styled salon and enjoyed lovely cocktails designed by us.

One of them was the Night Time Gimlet, using activated charcoal to transform a classic gimlet into a pitch black mixture of deliciousness. On top of looking gorgeous, activated charcoal has many health benefits such as trapping and filtering toxins/chemicals present in our bodies, mmm… scrumptious!

–       Side Car – Courvoisier Late at Tate  – with White Label

The Late at Tate Modern campaign is a free opportunity to explore galleries after hours. The programme takes inspiration from the Tate Collection and has amazing entertainment such as live music, workshops and all kind of performances & art discussions. It’s a lovely alternative to the usual Friday night out – Hel’s Angels had the chance to participate in one of these activations by providing skilled cocktail bartenders to concoct Courvoisier Sidecars. Traditionally made with cognac, the Sidecar is THE perfect serve for the brand with some lemon juice and triple sec, simple and delightful!

–       The Magictini – TGSB Magic cocktail – with The Persuaders

With only one week left aboard the Good Ship Benefit, we thought it would be worth mentioning the Magictini again – if you haven’t read our June post, we have had the pleasure of being part of the crew aboard the Good Ship Benefit in Embankment.

We would love to tell you what goes into our colour changing cocktail, however, as every good magician will tell you, a conjuror never reveals their secrets. It’s your last chance to taste and get a glimpse of the magic, so make your way down to the R.S. Hispaniola for an afternoon of enchantment (and tasty nibbles!). Fabulous!

And because there are too many extraordinary campaigns to mention, here’s a little collage of some of our favourites.