Rio Olympics 2016

written by Melina

With 10,000 athletes, 206 countries and 42 sports over 17 days, the Rio 2016 Olympics have begun in earnest. As well as enjoying the sport, many visitors to the games will be experiencing brand activations in and around the Olympic sites.  So as a brand, how do you stand out in such a crowded marketplace and more importantly how can effective staffing solutions help to bring the brand activity to life?

Be authentic

With any brand activation, authenticity is key. This is particularly true of the brand ambassadors chosen to represent the brand. If they don’t have an affiliation with the brand they are representing and aren’t passionate about the campaign, this will be evident to consumers.  For the London Olympics, we were asked by Mizuno to create a team to host their performance centre for the duration of the tournament. We needed to not only recruit Angels passionate about sport but who felt authentic to the brand. So as well as a crack team of sports-mad Angels, we also recruited and trained sport-loving bi-lingual Japanese staff, who could provide excellent customer service to a multi-national audience. By tapping into both the staff’s love of sport and their cultural heritage, we were able to provide a team who truly embodied the brand, with some consumers even returning up to 7 times to take part in the activity.

Effective engagement

Whilst there is a large dwell time for the public, the environment is so crowded with other activity, that brands only have a short time to engage consumers. Having simple and effective key messages, which are delivered by well trained and well-rehearsed staff, can often be key to enabling successful brand engagement.  Having time to rehearse and making sure to arm staff with a numbers of ways to engage an audience is so important when time is limited.

Solve a problem

If brands can help solve a problem for consumers, this is often key to effective engagement. Providing excellent customer service is often the best way to do this. Engaged and happy staff, effectively engaging with the public is key to this success.  The public are grateful for help and if this is then how they remember that brand, brands are one step further to creating true brand fans.

We wish team GB every success for Rio!

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