Delivering Quality

written by Melina

As a provider of premium bespoke staffing, we have always prided ourselves on the quality of our Angels and the level of service we supply.  Yet over the past few years, one of the key challenges we have faced as a company is how we continue to keep delivering high quality campaigns with decreasing client budgets.

Refuse to compromise

When working with clients we individually select staff based on our client’s needs, meaning that we can match our Angel’s skills to campaigns. We find that this approach leads to high performing teams who can help influence consumer behaviour. Whilst we are more than happy to discuss rates with clients and fit within budget constraints, what we won’t do is to compromise on the quality of the campaign just to come in on budget. What we prefer to do is to make sure we understand the needs of the project first and then to formulate a solution that deliveries on all fronts.


We are proud of our staff training program and the understanding we foster in our field staff that they are representing both Hel’s Angels and the brand, when in the public domain. In this way both us and our Angels are accountable for their actions.

Size is everything

We believe in keeping our staff busy and that is the reason we are still a small & agile company. By having a smaller but more active database, staff receive regular work from us and we can pass this benefit onto our clients.

Keeping our Angels motivated

Our staff retention rate is unusually high for the staffing world. Staff love working on campaigns for us because we not only offer them varied and interesting roles but we keep them motivated through on-going training and constant communication and support.

We are able to keep delivering quality in an ever more competitive marketing world because we know what we stand for and what the skills of our Angels are. This benefits both our clients, the brand and ultimately the consumers we interact with.