Celebrating Our Angels

written by Melina

At Hel’s Angels we have employed such talented people over the years and are genuinely proud of our Angels – they inspire us every day. We work hard at retaining staff over a longer period of time and as such, many of our Angels have been with us for a number of years and have grown as the agency has grown.  When recruiting Angels we look for a genuine character, someone with a real passion for life and excellent communication skills.

In celebration of our 20th birthday and working with such inspiring people, we take a closer look at the 3 most important things we look for when recruiting potential Angels:


It is true that we often employ actors who can assume character roles but when recruiting Angels initially, we are most interested in genuine people who demonstrate real character and who are authentic. We look for those people whose characters really shine during the interview stage and that in no way means being the loudest person in the room. Authenticity is key for us, as this is a trait that comes through when our staff talk to consumers.


We get inspired by people’s passions and what they get excited about, as we can use these interests and passions to match our staff to the right brands. Our Angels display an array of talents which we can call upon to add value to campaigns.  We support our Angels interests and encourage them to bring this passion to the work they do for us.

Communication Skills

This skill is so vital to what we do, that it sits above everything else we look for when recruiting staff. We are not interested in just employing people for the way they look, they have to be able to articulate themselves and communicate in a passionate and interested way. In this way we can work with clients to design effective brand messages which can be delivered by engaged and intelligent hand-picked staff.

Our attention to detail in recruiting the right staff fosters happy and engaged teams, which benefits both the brands we represent and ultimately the consumer.

20 years of Inspiring People