Football Heaven at the Hyundai UK FanDome

written by Guest Angel

40 of our fabulous Angels have been calling London King’s Cross their home-from-home recently, as they host the Hyundai UK FanDome – an immersive venue where football fans can watch games for free until 10th July. Created by the fabulous Produce UK who can be found here

Our amazing team of brand ambassadors were chosen to represent the Hyundai brand for their energy, enthusiasm and exceptional levels of customer service. And here, one of the team members Keshini, tells us what it’s like to work on the project:

“Whether you’re a fan of the beautiful game or not, we have somewhere to celebrate the coming together of European teams on a football field. Introducing The Hyundai UK FanDome, a purpose built dome created by the famous Korean Automotive manufacturers Hyundai. All are welcome and our very own mascot Vinnie Jones hosts a series of the greatest matches of the tournament. Enjoy your very own football haven, set within a ‘moodlit’ dome which can either be your Football Heaven or your Hell. Featuring yellow-card bearing Grim Reapers and streaking Cupids, prepare to be fully immersed in your chosen game and cheer on or boo the ref as you survey some heart-pumping, squeaky bum moments.

With over 40 of us lovely Angels on site everyday, all of us troop together to create a smooth and enjoyable experience for all of the excited punters. All of our team members are equally as integral from start to finish.

The experience begins at Kings Cross Station where you’re greeted by our staff at the ‘mini dome’, more formally known as The Info Hub. These lovely Angels are on hand to answer any questions you have on The FanDome itself and any other Kings Cross related knowledge.

En route to the FanDome it is a bit of a walk but fear not, because this is where our superstar way-finders reside. Dotted around Kings Boulevard, Granary Square and Stable Street, our fantastic Hyundai clad way-finding team are on hand to lead the way and to bid you farewell on your way out.

Snake your way through our queue and meet our lovely main entrance team making sure your tickets are for the right game, ensuring you’re adequately hyped and informing you of the security process, you’re as safe as houses in our FanDome.

Next up, our registration team are here to scan you in and troubleshoot any ticketing issues before grabbing a wristband from our lovely wristband squad and entering the Hyundai UK FanDome.

Once you’re in, grab some Power Stix or Hyundai inflatable hands and meet our lovely FanDome team, there to answer any Dome related questions and ensure you’re having a good time.

Sadly, we can’t do anything about the result but we will make sure you’re well looked after here.

The Hyundai FanDome is an absolute dream to work on as a Team Leader and a Brand Ambassador. Each position gives you a chance to carry out different tasks and experiences and get to work alongside some fascinating and talented Angels. There is a real sense of camaraderie whilst working on this job –  the football spirit creates a real community vibe.

So whether you’re a football fan or not, you are sure to leave with a little more football knowledge, having had loads of fun!”

The Hyundai FanDome is located in London King’s Cross. Tickets are free and can be booked at:

More information on the Hyundai FanDome can be found at:

For information about Produce UK visit: