People Buy From People part 2

written by Melina

This week we look again at why staffing is so important to the success of brand engagement and live events.

The event world may have evolved since the days when branded events were purely brand awareness tools and an excuse for brands to book high profile artists and put some branding up in a venue. Greg Saunders at White Label recently wrote a great piece for Event Magazine about the evolution of branded events.

However, what has remained steadfastly the same is the need for people or brand ambassadors to bring these experiences to life.   It doesn’t matter how beautifully designed your set is or how big an artist you book, if the staff involved in the event fail to embody and communicate the key values of the brand, consumers will walk away with no further insight into that brand.

At Hel’s Angels we call our staff ‘Angels’ for a reason – they are experienced at bringing joy into people’s lives. We rarely select staff for how they look, instead we hand-pick each team based on their skill-set and affiliation to that brand. We find that booking genuinely interested people leads to higher performing teams, which benefits both the consumer and the brand.   We deliberately keep our database leaner and more active, so that we know who is on our books and what their skills are.

We believe in the importance of in-depth training, which enables our Angels to act more than simply faceless brand ambassadors, it allows them to truly embody the brand with the confidence to guide consumers through deeper brand journeys, in the hope of creating true brand fans.

As the current generation of consumers continue to demand genuine experiences from their brands, it’s easy to see how imperative intelligent and engaged staff are to the success of experiential activity.

We help brands to influence consumer behaviour through people and we have been doing it for 20 years.