Thirsty Thursday – The Perfect Summer Drink?

written by Melina

As our thoughts turn to summer and the sun tries to show itself, we have been thinking about the perfect drink to enjoy during a long, balmy day. Some would say there is nothing better than a simple, refreshing gin and tonic served over ice.  But how can this most quintessential of British drinks be enhanced? Here we take a look at some ideas:

Pep up your ice

A really beautiful way to enhance your drink is by adding flower or herb ice cubes to the glass. These not only look spectacular but can transform the flavour of the drink as the ice melts.  A top tip for making the perfect ice cubes is to add a few drops of sugar syrup to the ice cube tray before the flower sets, so that it stays perfectly in the middle.


Cucumber and gin are very happy bedfellows, but how about combining it with other flavours such as rosemary for a slightly more earthy twist?


Depending on the botanicals in the Gin, other flavours such as lime or grapefruit also work really well.  Grapefruit can be further enhanced by adding a few peppercorns and a fennel frond to create a fiery version.

And finally, if the weather really hots up, what better way to enjoy your G&T then by freezing it and enjoying as a refreshing ice lollie?!