The Importance of Training

written by Melina

As an agency who believes in the importance of staff retention and development in order to foster high performing teams, we find ourselves doing a LOT of training. Consistent and ongoing training is important to keep staff engaged but how do we insure that the training we create is both relevant and engaging for our staff?

Keep it relevant

We make sure we know who is attending our training and that the content we are producing is relevant for them. We also ensure that our trainers are not only knowledge but have a passion for their subject matter. One recent attendee of our induction training commented:

“I really enjoyed the session, it was insightful, relaxed and good fun. The trainers were brilliant, really knowledgeable and great fun in their delivery.”

Two-way communication

There is nothing worse than listening to a trainer drone on for hours. We make sure our sessions are interactive, involve the staff and provide a forum for discussion. After a recent team-leader training session, one staff member left this feedback:

“Good atmosphere for asking questions! Have been to other training sessions were the trainers were quite arrogant, so this was much better. The trainers were very friendly and helpful!”

Show me

Where possible we make sure to include practical elements where the staff can get involved. Be it from practising their tray skills at front of house training, through to getting their hands on the latest tablet technology.  We make sure that people understand the Hel’s Angels way, no matter how much previous experience they have. In this way staff get to understand the attention to detail we require from our staff.

“It was great, really relaxed but focussed. I felt very comfortable asking questions and asking for help when I needed it. Top trainers! Thank you!”

Keep it Fun

And finally, we believe that an engaging and fun delivery helps our staff retain information and helps people understand the principles of our company.

“The trainers were so great!!! Fun and very calm! They make me want to start work with you soon!! :-)” I would definitely give the trainers a 10 out of 10…gold stars all round! They were very informative, approachable and knowledgeable.”

We believe happy and committed teams are a great asset to our clients.  Finding and keeping high quality staff is important for any business but the quality of our Angels is particularly important to us. We make sure to select the very best candidates and to provide them with a fantastic working environment that they can thrive in.