All Aboard The Good Ship Benefit

written by Guest Angel

There are some brands who have the ability to constantly surprise and delight; and Benefit Cosmetics is one such brand. We have been incredibly lucky over the past few years to have worked with creative agency The Persuaders and Benefit to realise some truly creative and immersive campaigns and our current activity is no different – The Good Ship Benefit.

Set on Victoria Embankment, the Good Ship plays host to a full schedule of exciting events and activities, all done with a sense of Benefit fun. From cocktails and dinner, through to yoga classes and drag queens, there is something for everyone. And in order to bring this amazing experience to life, Hel’s Angels was tasked with creating and casting a number of characters to host the ship.

Here’s our very own ‘Toby Tiki’ gives us the lowdown of what it’s like to be aboard:

“As I walked out of Embankment Station and along the river, something caught my eye. In the midst of the iconic London views, there was suddenly a new anchor point. But what was it? I wasn’t alone in my inquisitive gaze, as all around me people were pointing and gesturing, their imaginations clearly gripped by a pink coloured ship bobbing away on the Thames. It was none other than The Good Ship Benefit and my new place of work until August. I am playing the role of Toby Tiki, a Hawaiian Shirted, Pina Colada shakin’, member of the Good Ship’s Crew. We also have a suave Captain, a bungling (and very lovable ) Deckhand called Dandy and the seductive and secretive Melissa Martini aka Spy Girl. We come out to play each evening and link all the areas of the Ship together with eccentric drama and fun welcoming energy.

But what’s the point I hear you ask?! Well…Benefit Cosmetics wanted to take over an entire Ship and provide an unforgettable immersive experience for the good folk of London. Where else can your brows get arched and waxed, enjoy a Mahiki Pina Colada (made lovingly by my own fair hands) and listen to some totally banging Summer Choonz? The Good Ship has become a destination in itself, transporting people to another place, introducing them to the fabulous range of Benefit products in a friendly environment. We have all kinds of wonderful acts lined up, from drag queens to DJ’s, as well as a totally new menu in our sumptuously and sophisticatedly decorated ‘Lashitude’ restaurant!

As well as all of the wonderful San Franciscan themed Cocktails (Benefit was born in San Fran), the buzzy atmosphere and the various areas on the ship which create our mini floating world, The Good Ship offers safe harbour to some of the charities it helps and supports. During The London Marathon our ‘Secret Vault’ was turned into a first aid room and massage parlour for the runners who were raising money for the charity Refuge and our beautiful ‘Brow Lounge’ was turned into a hospitality area for the runners and their supporters. It was such an emotional day and it was an honour to share the ship with them and their families that day. We also raised over £950 aboard the ship.

This is a very special place and it has a lovely and very sincere buzz about it, it’s a place of laughter, of fun, sophistication, glamour and much heart. What a cracking place to work! Now who’s up for a Yoga class on the Sunny Hoola Deck followed by a bit of Britney blasting out and a Pina Colada? Form an orderly queue folks!”

To see the full schedule of events aboard the Good Ship Benefit, click here