National Living Wage – How Does Promotional Work Compare?

written by Melina

With the introduction of the Government’s national living wage and the start of the new PAYE year, we take a look at the reality of earning a living from promotional work and what we do at Hel’s Angels to provide a positive working environment for our field staff.

In London, experiential agencies are ubiquitous and ever expanding. With new agencies materialising every year, the battle for campaigns is becoming increasingly demanding; agencies are having to reduce their quotes in order to win business and secure future work. As a result of this, staff have faced static wages since 2010.

Over the past 5 years, the wage for promotional staff has stayed unchanged, while comparatively, the London Living Wage has risen by 16.5% and currently stands at £9.40 per hour. With the average promotional wages standing roughly 60p above this figure in most cases, it can be argued that this is still a reasonable wage. But whilst the National Minimum & London Living wages may continue to grow, there is little room at present for promotional staffing agencies to offer the same increase. Instead, agencies must offer non-monetary incentives to their staff, and provide positive working environments where they can thrive and develop.

A compromise on quality?

In the face of stiff competition, agencies are forced to choose between a balanced price and quality of staff. With employment rates rising constantly it’s no wonder that companies are happy to pay less for staffers that might not quite be up to par. This problem raises two questions: is promotional work still attractive, and how do we maintain the quality of staff and retain those individuals in an industry that is paying less?

It is well known that the flexibility of promotional work is one of its most attractive attributes: most staff are actors, artists or freelance event managers who need the freedom to take shows and auditions as and when they need to. Something that no 9-5 office job can offer. Some unfortunately perceive promotional work as a quick and easy way to make money; perhaps whilst studying at University, in between auditions or fitting around their full time work commitments. Anyone who has worked as promotional staff, however, would be quick to tell you that it is by no means a quick and easy way to make money.

Handpicked staff

Instead of offering more money for campaigns, Hel’s Angels provides a valued and positive working environment, staff focused work and exciting campaigns to be a part of. Our handpicked staff go through a stringent application process and face-to-face interviews in order to become one of our Angels. This way, we filter out the ‘quick and easy’ money makers and hire staff who care for their campaigns, the people they meet and the brands that they promote.

We specialise in characterful & personality-filled staff who are able to understand brands and deliver their messages in an engaging manner. Most of all, we believe happy and committed teams are a great asset to our clients, so we invest a lot of time into in-house training and staff retention. Finding and keeping high quality staff is important for any business, but the quality of our Angels is particularly important to us, so we make sure to select the very best candidates and to provide them with a fantastic working environment that they can thrive in.

We believe attracting and retaining talented staff in a competitive environment is a fine balance and one that we pride ourselves on getting right.

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