Dr Martens and Princess Bubblegum

written by Melina

This month, Dr Martens collaborated with Cartoon Network to launch their new Princess Bubblegum and Adventure Time shoes.  And, as self confessed lovers of Dr Martens and all things Adventure Time, we were beyond excited at Hel’s Angels HQ, when we teamed up with creative agency Produce UK to deliver an activation that combined the two!

Produce entrusted us with finding a team of dedicated, fun and outgoing female Brand Ambassadors who could bring the activity to life and engage with a range of consumers from excited children through to Dr Marten lovers.  After some extensive shortlisting of reliable, trusted and brilliant Angels, we had our team ready to go.

So, our Angels donned their lab coats, Dr Martens and crowns and headed to nearby Carnaby St to bring the activation and Princess Bubblegum to life.

Handing out free candy floss and bubbles, our Angels pushed social media tags, took pictures of excited consumers and drove footfall into store. Princess Bubblegum herself even popped in to say hello and fill the whole of Carnaby St with bubbles!

Our lovely Angels even took to social media themselves & posed happily in photos with consumers of all ages.

At Hel’s Angels, we understand the importance of having a team that is not only on-brand, but bright and energised and what impact this has on the campaign. So much so, that we only employ and shortlist those who we believe will be as dedicated to your event as we are.

We are sure you will agree that with consumers coming from all over just to meet Princess Bubblegum in real life and exposure of the collaboration sky-rocketing, the activation was a success!