Perrier-Jouët Fleurs des Rêves

written by Guest Angel

For Valentine’s 2016 Bompas & Parr created Perrier-Jouët Fleurs des Rêves at The London EDITION hotel, an ultra-exotic flower shop and series of participatory workshops.

For the first time in history, Valentine’s flowers were able to change colour. Visitors could pick up bouquets of chameleon blooms, savour Perrier-Jouët champagne and join a workshop where participants created their own colour-changing flowers.

We collaborated with Bompas and Parr to cast the perfect hosts for the workshops and here, one of our Angels Joe, gives an account of this amazing experience:

“After a few days at home cramming in lines on floriography, the history of Perrier-Jouët and thermochromatism until the early hours, it was rather nice to be out of the house, especially to be meeting at the chic, modern and stylish London Edition Hotel a stones throw from Oxford street but a bubble of calm once you slip through it’s glass doors (having been opened by one of the doorman and greeted with an ‘Afternoon sir’). Rachel sits holding a script, staring ahead speaking to herself like a mad woman – a regular sight for actors but maybe not for the guests in this hotel foyer. “Hey! How are you? – How are the lines going!?” We both ask each other simultaneously.

Before we have time to start performing half the script to each other, we are greeted by one of the lovely Bompas & Parr team and taken downstairs to see the space. In the script it had been referred to as ‘The Jungle Conservatory’, and this was no understatement, a huge basement room had been filled with an array of tropical flowers and exotic plants, Art Nouveau furniture and magnums of Perrier-Jouët.

The idea behind the event was for us to host a 45-minute Valentine’s themed wine tasting and colour changing flower workshop. So we needed to know our stuff inside out to be able to respond to the attendees questions about the Perrier-Jouët brand and the science behind the colour changing flowers. This of course called for an afternoon of champagne tasting. Naturally. (Best Hel’s Angels job ever?!)

Learning about the House of Perrier-Jouët, the history, the couple that had married and started the business and the notes and textures of the Grand Brut, The Belle Epoch and Belle Epoch Rose, Vintage Champagnes that were the go-to for icons like Coco Chanel – we were fully indoctrinated into the art and science of wine making and the design of the bottle.

After running through the script in the space and learning the process necessary to create the colour changing flowers, (using a black ink that changes at a specific heat, so when spritzed with a flammable elixer and ignited the fire glows green and causes the flower to return to it’s original colour, before returning back to black! Magical stuff) we were both a lot more confident and after a dress run with the Bompas & Parr and Perrier-Jouët staff we settled into the order of the installation and started to have a bit more fun with our phsycadellic botanist characters passing on our knowledge of mind altering plants and the meaning behind flowers from Victorian floriography.

The event ran from 10th – 14th of February and we had 4 – 6 groups an evening. All guests were transported into our 19th century hot house and invited to taste the 3 glasses whilst painting their flowers and were allowed to take one home – a beautiful black Calla Lilly with a plant solution infused with gem stones.

Rachel and I now only drink Perrier-Jouët – it’s become an expensive hobby.”