It’s Peanut butter Jelly Time – launching Family Guy for ITV2

written by Melina

Last week saw us help ITV2 launch the spanking new series of Family Guy.

And what better way to celebrate than by unleashing a 50-strong team of dancing bananas through the streets of Manchester in celebration of the famous Peanut Butter Jelly time song from the show.

Our hardy team donned specially made banana suits and danced their way round the city, starting in Piccadilly Gardens.  To create even more attention they had maracas and placards to let the public know that Family guy was exclusively launching on ITV2.  The team brought a smile to people’s faces whilst letting them know details about the series and also encouraging them to take pictures of our banana flashmob and tweet it to #FamilyGuy

As always with Hel’s Angels, we held a thorough casting to find the perfect bananas.  We believe in using the skills of our promotional staff and we knew we needed to find people with the right talent and enthusiasm for the stunt  – namely people happy to wear a bright yellow suit whilst dancing in public – and we had to find 50! And to top it off they needed to clearly relay key messages to the public about when the new show was starting and where they could watch it.

I think you’ll agree our bananas topped it……