Game of Thrones Artisan Stunts

written by Melina

HBO are well known for their publicity stunts to promote their flagship series Game of Thrones.  But two pieces of recent activity saw them take a slightly different approach, by linking with British Artisans to produce pieces of work on display in high profile London locations.

The first, last weekend, saw them team up with Melt Chocolates and Selfridges to produce a 15kg chocolate dragon egg. The edible egg was created, by hand, by the London chocolatiers and was placed on display at the shop’s Oxford Street store. Fans of the show could marvel at this chocolate replica of one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon eggs, which was immortalised in 15kg of milk chocolate. The chocolate creation stood a little over 21 inches tall and took more than 25 hours to design and prepare.


And the second, which was live for just 24 hours, saw HBO link up the UK’s textile community to produce a 6m x 4m Game of Thrones-inspired embroidery artwork in London.

Situated in Central Saint Martins’ the Crossing Gallery, the artwork depicts one of the show’s key battle scenes and took 30,000 hours to complete. Over 50 members of the UK textile community contributed to its creation, including Embroiderer’s Guild, the Royal School of Needlework, Fine Cell Work long-term prisoners and Hand & Lock Embroidery.

There was a huge variety of textile skills involved in the making of the piece, including digital print, surface stitchery, machine embroidery, metal thread work beading, appliqué and quilting. As many of the communities taking part are huge fans of Game of Thrones, they were really proud to have been involved.

Both activities highlight the intricate details of the show, from the sets, through to the embroidery on the character’s clothing and demonstrate a novel way for the channel to pay homage to their fantasy drama series.