Easter Thirsty Thursday

written by Melina

Easter is almost here, families & friends will celebrate the meal of spring by gathering around an array of delicious culinary delights. At Hel’s Angels we believe that the perfect food & drink pairings help your celebrations really shine, so here are our suggestions for your Easter meal:

To begin, an aperitif to stimulate your appetite, what about some bubbles? English fizz has started to get a name for itself & this cocktail is a perfect way to start the meal:

–       Juice of 1 clementine

–       1 part Cointreau

–       3 parts English Fizz – we recommend Chapel Down, Blanc de Blanc, intense flavours from 100% Chardonnay grapes sourced in Kent, without doubt one of the leading producers of English sparkling wine!

–       A sprig of rosemary

To be served straight up.

If you are having a traditional Easter meal, the main course tends to centre around a piece of lamb, and what better than wine to pair a festive meal? Nothing we say!

In the choice of wine, we did not want to choose something overpowering or too heavy on the tannins, but a wine with a lively & vibrant character. Hence Pinot Noir seems the perfect choice, however why not choose a Pinot Noir outside Burgundy for a change? We suggest: Clos Du Bois Pinot Noir, California: A lush fruit driven wine with strawberry & cherry notes accompanied by hints of lavender.

If your heart doesn’t beat for red, why not try a Riesling, with crisp and sharp flavours and a subtle acidity – it is a nice counterpart to the richness of Easter meals without overpowering its flavours.

To finish the meal beautifully, here is a digestive concoction containing most people’s favourite Easter treat –  chocolate!

–       35ml Cariel Vanilla Vodka – because it is possibly the best vanilla vodka on the market or you can simply infuse a regular vodka with vanilla for a few days.

–       20ml Campari

–       15ml Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur

–       Muddle a few Cardamom pods, stir liquid with some ice and strain it before serving


Happy Easter everyone!  And if you do manage to make any of our beautiful cocktails – send us a picture and we’ll share it

Images by: Food Fashion and Fun via foodfashionandfun.com/  Waitrose via waitrose.com/  Tasting Guides via WineCoolerDirect.com/  Scomorokh via Scienceofdrink.com/