Angels of the Month

written by Melina

We value all of our promotional staff at Hel’s Angels but we also like to recognise when certain staff go above and beyond the call of duty. So every month we have our Angel/s of the month as voted for by our team at Angels HQ.  This is a chance to say an extra special thank-you to certain members of the field team who have really shone that month.  This month, this pair of legends have been awesome and really stood out to us as being all-round fantastic Angels!

 John D

John has been blooming great! He’s self-motivated, on-the-ball and always goes the extra mile – a great team player and an all round lovely chap! He is brilliant at delivering engaging brand messages and making sure he really understands the brands he is working on.  His skills with a tray also means he is a strong team member for front of house work when we deliver live events.  John is the perfect example of the type of multi skilled person we love to employ and train.

John says about working for Hel’s Angels:

“I like working with Hel’s Angels as there’s a wide variety of jobs and the staff are all really fun to work with. I’ve got to know many over the various jobs and I’ve made some good friends.  Hel’s is different from other agencies as there’s a strong focus on the treatment of the staff during jobs”

Max L

Max has been nothing short of brilliant this month, hosting immersive whisky tastings for one of our biggest brands, Glenfiddich.  One client gave a special thanks to Max in his feedback for going above and beyond and for delivering such a great night, on one of the most challenging events we have had to date.

Max is an experienced cocktail bartender and has a wealth of industry knowledge which he can draw upon when hosting tasting sessions with the public. His additional training received through Hel’s Angels has meant he is able to deliver immersive whisky tasting experiences that sometimes last for up to an hour – not any easy thing to keep people engaged for that amount of time!

At Hel’s Angels we believe that our focus on staff welfare and training, leads to happy, engaged teams of promotional staff, who are effectively able to deliver engaging brand messages.