Staff Awards

written by Melina

In order to maintain high performing teams, here at Hel’s Angels we believe in providing a positive working environment where staff can thrive and develop.   We invest time into in-house training and staff retention and in return we have staff who care for their campaigns, the people they meet and the brands they promote.  As part of this philosophy, we asked the staff themselves to vote for other Angels who they felt had gone the extra mile last year.

After all the votes were counted and verified, the staff who scooped the prizes awarded by their peers were as follows:

Angel of the Year – Ricky

Ricky is an energetic character who is really hard-working and reliable. He is a true team player and other staff love working with him as he can’t do enough to help on-site and go the extra mile to make the job a success for the brands he represents. He received consistently great feedback from Team Leaders, which we often shared with him and in return this made him an indispensable part of any team he was part of.

Our Talent manager Frances, says of Ricky: ‘I think he won Angel of the Year because of his fabulous work ethic, always working really hard and putting in loads of effort on every job he does, combined with his sparkling and positive personality – you can’t help but love him!’

Ricky was very happy to hear he’d scooped top spot: ‘Oh my dayz! Thank you so much you beautiful beautiful people! I’m one happy little Welsh boy.’

Team Leader of The Year – Vicky

Our Angels voted Vicky as team leader of the year due to her professional and reliable work ethic combined with her sense of humour. She manages to get the balance just right, which means she works effectively as a team leader whilst also engaging the staff. As a team leader, we have supported and developed Vicky and her enjoyment of the job and the way she feels about the company clearly rubs off on the Angels she manages in the field.

Vicky couldn’t contain her excitement and her exclamation marks when she heard about her win: ‘WOOOOP!!!!! Can’t believe I’m Hels Angels team leader of the year!!!?!? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!. I’m absolutely buzzing about this like!!’

Funniest Angel – Johnjo

Johnjo is described by other Angels as having an infectious sense of humour, always eager and brightening up any team he works with. The office also voted him ‘Angel of the Month’ for December because he’s happy to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in, whether team leading, character work or prancing round in a fawn costume! He is reliable and able to adapt to last minute changes with minimum fuss.

Johnjo’s reaction to winning his award: ‘Oh my goodness!!!! THAT JUST MADE ME BAWL MY EYES OUT!!! Thank you so much!!! Love you guys!’

Most Energetic Angel – Julie

Julie is loved by the other Angels due to her high energy. She is always smiling and possess an unbelievable amount of passion which rubs off onto those around her. Julie’s great enthusiasm is always commented on – its clear to see why the staff voted her most energetic!

Most Supportive Angel – Luca and Claudia

Luca is seen by the other Angels as being super helpful and dependable on site. He is exceptionally organised and efficient and is always looking for ways to help. Claudia, like Luca is reliable and very likeable. No task is too much trouble and she is very organised and hardworking. She is friendly, helpful and great at approaching the public.

Luca was very humbled by his win: ‘Wuuu wuuuuuu AWESOME.. It’s so nice to be voted .. Didn’t expect 🙂 I am soooooo happy… ‘

It is easy to see how our clients benefit from committed & happy teams, who understand their brand and can deliver messages in an engaging manner. We believe that looking after our staff in this way is what makes Hel’s Angels unique in its approach to staffing welfare.