5 Ways to Boost In-store Sales with Live Experience

written by Melina

Over the Christmas season, we always get a lot of briefs for activations designed to drive traffic to stores, and boost in-store purchases. After having a look back at the activations we have created and organised this year, we have put together a list of the 5 most effective live techniques to boost in-store sales.

1. Special Events In Store

With the shops getting busier around Christmas and the increase of online sales, the best way to drive traffic and sales back to the brick and mortar stores is to create added value to the shopper experience “off line”. A specially designed event gives people a good reason to visit the shop and makes them feel special, which can increase spending. Special in-store events could include anything from champagne and canapés (perfect for the festive season!) to entertainment, live music or photo booths.

This year we have been working with Benefit who organise special events in-store throughout the year, offering a range of treatments and bubbles, with costumed staff hosting the events. Over Christmas, we provided a specially cast and costumed Sexy Santa Beneboy.


2. Street Teams

Getting Brand Ambassadors to engage with potential customers in the street can be extremely effective in increasing awareness and driving customers to the store, and only requires a limited investment – making it very cost effective. Leafleting alone has limited impact as consumers are saturated with leaflets every day; but a disruptive and creative approach (think costumes or performances like singing or dancing) will make the team stand out from the crowd, and your brand too.

We recently had costumed Elves distributing leaflets throughout the Chelsea shopping area, driving traffic to stores and promoting the festive events taking place in the area. The Elves interacted with over 4,000 customers over a weekend.


3. Sampling And Demonstration In Store

Sampling and demonstrations are a great way to gain new customers and get immediate feedback on your products. These techniques are not only beneficial to in-store sales (with same day sales lifts ranging from 200% to 2000%), they also strengthen brand loyalty for both the brand and the store. And don’t forget the secret ingredient to successful sampling and demonstrations: talented brand ambassadors with thorough product knowledge and outstanding customer service.

We worked with Beauty & Go on in-store sampling experiences this year and saw an uplift of over 500% in sales. Over the festive period, we always organise samplings of spirit brands in store.


4. Incentives to Purchases

Everyone loves a bargain. Special offers, vouchers, free gifts with purchases and other incentives are an extremely effective way to drive sales and encourage increased spending. Paired with special events, street teams or sampling, they can help the off line retail environment secure sales then and there, rather than customers going “online later”.

We have recently been distributing £10 off vouchers outside Ted Baker stores to drive traffic to the store and encourage purchases.


5. Attention Grabbing Stunts

Finally, let’s mention how live events can drive traffic and sales for online retailers too. This year, we worked with Exposure on a festive eBay phone booth from which visitors could enjoy tailored gift-shopping advice from an expert eBay Elf. The attention-grabbing stunt provided great added value for the consumers, and their response was fantastic. The experience raised awareness of eBay’s festive activities and drove consumers to their website.

2015 has been a great year for us and we are looking forward to an even greater 2016! We’ll be back on the blog with more expert tips in the New Year.