Our Top 5 Favourite Fireworks

written by Melina

What is more heart warming than rejoicing in the attempted destruction of the House of Parliament? Nothing we say!

Whilst most of us end up looking like Merry and Pippin, we decided to showcase the true masters of fireworks to celebrate the historic wonder that is Guy Fawkes Night.

When a dragon had the Hobbits of Bag End running for their lives.

As if anyone could forget when Fred and George had simply had enough of Delores Umbridge (who hadn’t).

That time Harry Potter amazed us yet again with a dancing Leprechaun – potato.

When this guy literally pimped his ride with a flaming tail (for speed, of course).

And when the hero of all firework technicians (is that what they are called?) lit up the skies of Glasgow with what can only be described as a masterpiece.

Vincent van Gogh eat your heart out.