Fear The Walking Dead Screening & PR Stunt

written by Melina

As we approach Halloween this weekend, we thought it would be fitting to blog about a job that Hel’s Angels worked on back in August, to celebrate the launch of the new American horror series ‘Fear The Walking Dead.’

Fear The Walking Dead is set during the early stages of the zombie apocalypse, as the human race come to terms with the impending collapse of civilisation. A deadly disease spreads through the streets of LA, turning innocent citizens to peripatetic flesh-eating zombies known as ‘Walkers.’ Those who have not been infected are evacuated into a quarantined war style bunkers, and kept in a forced state of isolation by The END (Epidemic Neutralisation Department), a government run crisis unit who are trying their best to contain the looming epidemic.

The geniuses at The Persuaders created a fully immersive experience by completely transforming the old Central St Martins Art College in Holborn into a zombie-proof bunker, to mark the screening of the first episode in the series. Guests felt like they were stepping into the TV show through the décor, vibe and feel of the venue. Hel’s Angels were tasked with creating a canapé and cocktail menu in line with the theme. We served black burgers from cardboard trays, green pastry tartlets from ration bags and ‘Red Alert’ cocktails from tin cans (see full menu below). We also provided fabulous Front of House staff to run the bar, cloakroom and serve the food, as well as actors to play the parts of ‘infected’ characters and the intimidating guards from the END, searching guests on the way in as they walked through a giant ‘infection detector’ archway. When our ‘infected’ characters walked through, the archway would set off an alarm and they would be dragged off kicking and screaming by the END, much to the surprise and horror of the unsuspecting guests.

To mark the launch of the series in the UK, Fishburn PR Agency came up with the idea of creating a series of staged photos to issue to the media, generating the illusion that the zombie infection was spreading in London city, and that END screenings were being set up in high footfall areas to ensure that anyone leaving London was carefully screened to avoid contamination and spreading.

Hel’s Angels were tasked in providing the characters to star in these shots, over a day packed with interesting moments that, importantly, translated into impactful photos. Rather than creating an experience as with the screening launch, this time we were looking to create media and social media collateral. Starting at Waterloo, we visited major interest points in London and took photos with the characters in various scenarios and positions.

Hel’s Angels provided a group of actors to pose as commuters, in amongst them some ‘infected’ characters, as well as more END guards and a Health official. All costumes were designed, sourced and in some cases, made, by Hel’s Angels. See our guys in action in the official promotional video here: