Air BNB Floating House Party

written by Melina

In May 2015, the Hel’s Angels Live Events team were asked by PR agency Hope and Glory to organise a party to coincide with the highly successful press stunt of Air BNB’s floating house. 

The Air BNB floating house was built to celebrate the new rules of home sharing which recently came into force, allowing Londoners to share their homes with travellers for up to 90 days a year. It was a double-story, fully functioning house, complete with two bedrooms, a fully working bathroom and garden with real grass, completed in just 3 months by the design team. The house floated down the Thames for one week, passing through various parts of London and attracting a lot of attention from city dwellers as you can imagine! Air BNB also ran a competition for the lucky winners to spend the night in the house, including a pamper session and dining experience on board.

As a final PR boost, Air BNB decided that a party should be thrown to give the house extra media exposure, and allow guests to ‘get on board’ with the floating house theme! The Live Events Team were tasked with the complete design and execution of this party, with a total turn around time of just 2 weeks!

First of all, Hel’s Angels had to check with the water authorities that it was even possible to host an event on the Thames, as we were adamant of the importance of keeping with the floating house theme. After approval, we hired a pontoon at Canary Wharf to act as the base for our floating venue. Next we erected a large marque and astrotuf flooring as the blank canvas for the event, as well as installing portable toilets, and an outdoor patio seating/smoking area.

We put mood boards together to decide the look & feel of the party, all based on the the idea of ‘conservatory garden party,’ to keep with the theme of the Air BNB floating house. The next step was to completely design and style the interior and exterior of the venue according to the theme, sourcing various plants, tables, chairs and recycled materials to create furniture, finishing off by draping beautiful fairy lights throughout the space. We also built a pop up bar, cloakroom, DJ booth, wooden dance floor, and kitchen area as well as installing the complete lighting and sound system on board.

Hel’s Angels also provided a bespoke canapé and drinks menu, prepared and served by our very own professional bar staff and waiters. We provided the complete bar kit and were in control of the bar stock and inventory at all times. As well as the bar staff, we provided an Event Manager and Production Manager to oversee everything on site.

The main challenge was being able to produce the party with such a short turn around time, and with a limited budget. Hel’s Angels Live Events team used their expertise and experience in the industry to not just deliver the event on time, but to deliver the premium quality that our clients expect and deserve. You can see by the pictures that visually, the venue was stunning and it’s hard to believe it was designed and built by our team in such a short space of time!

Another challenge which Hel’s Angels faced was the location of the venue- it’s not everyday you throw a party on a floating platform! We were able to take this concept and run with it, and were not fazed by the implications involved, instead solving them quickly and efficiently.

The party was a great success and received glowing praise from the both the press and guests. This event demonstrated perfectly all elements of the Hel’s Angels empire: live events, creative, staffing, production & design, and shows how we can deliver quality premium activations no matter where the location or what the timescale.