Hel’s Angels Team Leader Training

written by Melina


“Our aim is to find the most talented people, and then train and develop them to become the very best staff in the industry.”  Helen Hanson, Founder

Here at Hel’s Angels, we offer a variety of training opportunities for our staff, from Front of House Training to our Team Leader Programme. We believe we have the best staff in the field and where possible, we like to offer them the opportunity to grow, develop and flourish under our guidance and encouragement.

A few weeks ago we held a Team Leader training session in London for Angels who have shown potential out in the field or a keen interest in becoming a Team Leader. All of our potential Team Leaders are long-standing Angels who have constantly delivered and impressed us on jobs, and shown potential to take on management roles. We believe it’s essential that in order to eventually lead, staff should have worked as a Hel’s Angels Brand Ambassador first, so that when they are ready to take on management they have all the relevant skills, experience and knowledge that make an Angel. We pride ourselves on offering our staff a chance to develop and move up through the ranks, and thus have a very high staff retention rate. Our onus is very strongly focused on teamwork and all our staff in management roles understand the importance of good leadership.

When we first developed our Team Leader Programme, we aimed to craft a session that was designed, built and delivered by our existing, experienced Team Leaders. This way we could pinpoint the precise areas where our fledgling Team Leaders would need assistance, and of course use the experience of our existing Team Leaders to provide our trainees with real life problem solving challenges. We find this works perfectly and provides a great opportunity for a continuous and seamless passing on of knowledge, from one generation of managers to the next.

Each session is delivered over the course of four hours, but of course obligatory tea and biscuits make the session more digestible! The training is designed to encourage self-reflection and asks each trainee to pinpoint their key strengths and what skills they would like to gain or work on. This way they can identify where we can support them. However, the training session is by no means seen as the end of their training, we continue to train and guide all our team leaders as they progress with us, come continuing to Event Manager training.

The training session itself covers all aspects of leading a team from pre-job preparation, people management (client, staff and customer focused), time management, and job feedback. Of course no training is complete without covering Health and Safety and Food Hygiene!

The session also incorporates team-building exercises, which provide the perfect opportunity to observe interaction, communication, natural leadership and problem solving, whilst giving our trainees the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge into practice. The trainer also spends time running through trouble-shooting on the job – providing examples of ‘real-life’ scenarios and running the team leaders through how they might deal with each situation.

Here at Hel’s, we pride ourselves in matching the right job to the right person and this responsibility extends to our Team Leaders. They are taught to allocate roles and responsibilities according to their team member’s skill sets and abilities. Of course it is the Team Leader’s responsibility to delegate roles to the rest of their team and be the main point of contact, but we expect all our Team Leaders to always be an active member of the team, to get stuck in and get the job done. We ask them to provide a non-hierarchal environment where every team member is as important as the other.

All our team leaders are required to give detailed feedback after each shift. They are our eyes and ears on site so we rely on them to provide honest feedback on how their fellow team members performed, and provide comprehensive, measurable data from the event. Part of the training session covers what to look out for on site and how to communicate effectively with clients, staff and the office alike.

 “I think the team building exercise incorporated into the training was a genius idea because it got us active, whilst doing something fun and also helped each of us better understand the power of great communication. Donnla (the trainer) was clear in communication and delivering all key information and top tips, friendly, funny and personable, which is of course only 1 of the millions of things that makes Hel’s Angels way above the rest of any agency out there!”   Christal O’Connor, Angel