Thirsty Thursday!

written by Melina

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense” – LEWIS CARROLL, 1865

Tired of drinking ordinary tea out of your teacup? For this week’s Thirsty Thursday Hel’s Angels have concocted a topsy-turvy DRINK ME potion, in honour of ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’, a totally immersive theatrical experience situated in The Vaults underneath Waterloo station. You are probably wondering if this creation is safe to drink… Do not worry, you won’t find yourself shrinking to the size of a mouse (we obviously tasted it in the office for safety reasons)! This magic liquid will satisfy your taste buds with delicious vanilla and orange flavours…and a hit of Vodka!

If you are thirsty for more adventure, since the only way to truly experience wonderland is to see it for yourself, you can visit ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground,’ a topsy-turvy world created by innovative theatre group Les Enfants Terribles. Here, you can not only experience Alice’s adventure in Wonderland, but also create your own!

For more information on the experience, click here


35ml Vodka
15ml Aperol
15ml Vanilla syrup
15ml Lemon
15ml Egg white
Angostura bitter on top