Introducing our Talent Team!

written by Melina

The end of 2014 saw a new addition to our company structure, in the form of our Talent Team. The newly established department specialises in the recruitment and training of our fantastic Angels in the field. Jake and Emma, our Talent Managers, are working to hard to make sure that 2015 is going to be our best year yet for new recruits, and they have got the year off to a flying start!

Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that our staff are the best they possibly can be. We pride ourselves on working with outstanding people in the field, and we use both online and continual corrective coaching to train our staff.

So how does it work? All new staffers have to register a profile with us here and Emma processes the new applicants daily. As the first person new applicants typically meet, Emma is in charge of determining which applicants have the right industry experience or transferrable skills to become part of our team. She will then invite them to interview. It is hugely important to us at HA that we meet our staff face-to-face, as we can put across our family ethos in a personal way. It also gives us a chance to see how people interact, and what campaigns they would be suitable for.

We tend to hold interviews every couple of months in London, and regionally dependent on the volume of applicants in a particular area. In London, we can meet up to 80 people on our interview days, splitting each session into 2 hours. Another unique factor of these sessions is that both Hel’s Angels directors, Helen Hanson and Kim Levine, attend every London interview day, meeting each potential new recruit individually, adding that extra personal experience which separates us from other agencies. Click here to see how the day runs!

If applicants are successful post-interview they are sent some online training to complete, which gives new staffers a chance to acquire some background in the events industry, and provides a refresher for those who are more experienced. Once this is done, they are a fully-fledged Angel and active on our books!

The Talent Team will then send through a weekly ‘Talent Report’ to the rest of the HA team, with a detailed run-down of the most promising new staff, hand picked by Emma herself! Here at Hel’s Angels we are big fans of nurturing new talent, and the ‘Talent Report’ is an effective tool in getting new recruits out into the field shortly after interview, which we think is highly important in the appeal and sustainability of the company.

The Talent Team has set out some objectives for 2015- to continue the application process and make it as efficient as possible, and to focus on our regional recruitment. We know that there are talented people all over the country that would be a great fit to the family- it’s just a matter of finding them! Hel’s Angels will be travelling the country looking for the perfect Angels in the coming months!

Another focus of our Talent Team this year is staff training, and positively guiding our staff the HA way. We hold bespoke training sessions for all areas of staffing from Front Of House training, to Team Leader training, and even First Aid. All our training sessions are run by Hel’s Angels, for Hel’s Angels!

‘In this highly competitive market we are constantly challenged to differentiate ourselves to staff and clients. Our focus on recruitment and training is essential to remain the best in our class.’

Jake Fuller, Talent Manager

We like to keep our staff busy, so prefer to only take on staff we know we can put to work. If we have a big campaign come in which involves bursts of regional activity, Jake and Emma will be at the helm of recruitment drives around the country, proactively recruiting the best staff in the UK.

And we don’t just stop at brilliant Brand Ambassadors – we are constantly looking for the latest and greatest (and sometimes strangest!) talent, from roller-skating waitresses to juggling bartenders! The tricky thing about experiential activity and live events is that you never know what brief you are going to get from a client. At Hel’s Angels we pride ourselves in being able to match the staff exactly to the clients needs, no matter how weird and wonderful their requests!

At Hel’s Angels, we like to invest in our staff, and handpick the best new talent in the field. We believe in sensational staff, wherever and whatever the job.

I Heart Hel's Angels from Hel's Angels on Vimeo.