Hel’s Angels are a Curls Best Friend

written by Guest Angel

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s a bespoke 1950’s salon and cocktail bar silly! Make up enthusiasts Benefit, the ever impressive Persuaders and our dearest Hel’s have joined forces once more and pulled out all the pink stops, building a pop up to rival Box Park. For 5 weeks Soho has gone back in time, bypassing Boy George and the Beatles and plonking itself bang into the middle of the glamorous fifties with their creation, Curl’s Best Friend. Think 50 shades of pink, original 50’s furniture, bags of hair rollers and that’s only the flyer.

To launch, celebrate and revel in Benefit’s new mascara, ‘Roller Lash’, Hel’s staff have cast away their trendy skinnys and asymmetrical hair do’s in favour of furry pink head bands and pin curls in excess. Day and night for 5 weeks we have been cooking up cocktails, cupcakes and coffees and serving them to throngs of glamour hungry ladies and the occasional gentleman caller here on Greek Street. Groups of gal pals are downloading the purpose built app (fannnncy) booking a table and a fabulous faux blow and getting a complimentary make upper from one the of the ever upbeat Benefit team in the salon on the first floor. Eye brows being tinted, wax always on the boil and hair driers on full all coming together to make a truly unique experience for any lady who likes a little pampering.

So why the 50’s I hear you internally ask? For the gender equality? The lack of Google Maps? Not even close. Without getting too technical, this cool new mascara works like the rollers of the 1950’s hair salons. It comes equipped with tiny little hooks that hook your eyelashes and roll them up and out. It needs to be seen to be believed, think blooming flower petals and you’re half way there. So the Persuaders, the men behind the Gaby’s Head pub last year and who once hired the number one Queen impersonator in Britain to cut ribbons (heroes!) thought a 1950’s beauty salon would be just the ticket. They were right. With glowing press from Time Out, the Stylist and Emerald Streak and an amazed face on every person lucky enough to get a guided tour by the ‘fabulous host’ quote-Tina Turner, Curl’s Best Friend can only be described as successful thus far.

And that’s it. Only joking.

The cherry on the strawberry cupcake (from Crumbs and Dollies) is the 2nd floor ‘Noir Bar’, a truly groovy film noir inspired bar based around the world’s number one selling mascara, ‘They’re Real’ from Benefit (obviously). From 6:30pm we dim the lights and crank up the jazzy vocals as our very own ‘Honest Rachel’ swans around turning everything she touches to glamour. Proving to be very popular, the bar has booths for bigger groups and intimate tables upon which Espresso Martinis are served courtesy of the Hel’s bar ladies. It’s damn cool and a very nice touch from delightful duo Andy and Dom of the Persuaders.

Shout out to the fab Hel’s Team Leaders for keeping things smooth like Sunday afternoons and to the front of house boys, laden down with ice and Chandon glasses while taking four flights in their stride with a smile. And who could forget Lorna and Maddie in the office, positively delighted every time we call to help us problem solve and sort the logistics of running a modern day event in an Edwardian building! They sure do make the cogs go round oh so glamorously.

We’re having a lot of Roller Lash good times down in the salon and after five weeks our last day (on the 28th) is gonna be a sad day. Luckily, we are working in a beauty parlour and any puffy eyes from the goodbye tears will be dealt with swiftly.