written by Guest Angel

In November 2014 Hel’s Angels were involved in a fabulous event in celebration of Thanksgiving – or ‘Yanksgiving’ as it was re-named for this particular occasion! Over to guest Angel Rachel for more information…

As the time came for all Americans to give thanks, the wonderful gang at Videology prepared to help them along the way with an all American Yanksgiving celebration like never before.

The amazing White Label transformed One Embankment into the wild woodlands of the USA. Complete with trees, autumn leaves and even a moose (stuffed, of course).

Hel’s Angels were tasked with entertaining the crowds, mixing up some delicious cocktails and serving drinks to the 600 strong crowd – but most of all making sure it was as American and Yanky Doodle-fun as possible. As well as the amazing Angels behind the bar a few of us were geared from head to toe as Park Rangers (complete with flash lights and torches), interacting with the guests in full character all night long, busting some moves on the dance floor and trying to catch the park’s resident bear. (Not stuffed! One of our very own Angels inside a huge bear outfit. Oh yes.)

We began by introducing ourselves to the crowds in the queue as they arrived, warning them about the deadly bear inside – they were to have fun, eat hotdogs and keep an eye out for that Grizzly! Occasionally, the bear would appear and we would lead the rabble on a chase around the venue, up and down the stairs and even, at one point, out and up on to Waterloo Bridge.

By the time the party was in full swing our Bear was deep in his secret cave with guest lining up to drink shots with him and his best buddy the Boy Scout, who carefully looked after him all night long. Think Wes Anderson with a Whiskey twist! Meanwhile we Park Rangers were out on the dance floor, grooving with the guests to the amazing music, leading a bear hunt procession and keeping the party moving with a dance off or two. We had great fun explaining to the guests just how we came to be bear hunting in Waterloo!

Just as the guests thought the night couldn’t get any better our Grizzly Bear came out of hiding and was break dancing – I kid you not – in his bear suit. The worm in a bear suit. I’ve seen nothing greater.

All in all, the guests left pretty thankful for that glorious Yanky filled land we call the US of A.