Ketchum PR – Fairy ‘Bake-A-Wish’ Project

written by Melina

Not happy with the simple task of creating the World’s Largest Cake Sculpture (a gigantic 10 x 12 metres), the ambitious folk at Fairy decided to throw in the extra challenge of serving every slice on an individual plate, and trying to break a world record by washing all 12,000 plates using just ONE 870ml bottle of Fairy Original washing up liquid!

Ketchum PR tasked The Hel’s Angels team who swiftly became the well-oiled machine that would attempt to pull off the feat. A team of plate washers were trained by an expert from Fairy in how to perfectly wash a plate – important to get right if you’re planning on washing several thousand! Another team of cake slicers, clad in hair nets and safety gloves, were on hand to make sure every slice was cut perfectly to size. Two members of the team worked closely with the cake slicers – these were the cake cutters. Covered from head to toe in protective white boilers suits and shoe covers, these were the only two people allowed onto the cake itself. Their task was to cut out the giant slabs of cake (of which there were over 400) using specially designed instruments and to deliver them to the team of slicers.

The team worked at high speed for three days; cutting, slicing, plating, serving, collecting, scraping, washing – the cake looking a little less colossal with every passing hour! As the cake got smaller, the amount of money raised for the Make-A-Wish® UK grew as a donation was made for every slice eaten.

All of the effort eventually paid off as it was confirmed on Sunday evening that the record had been successfully broken. The empty platform that had originally held the cake was then filled with the 12,000 sparkling plates! The final touch – only a 3/4 of the Fairy liquid bottle was used!

“This project was definitely a challenge and we needed to ensure we were working with the best people in order to deliver a great experience. Working with Hel’s Angels for staffing was a brilliant experience for us here at Ketchum. With a tricky project like this it is always crucial that all parties work as one cohesive team and Helen and Lorna at Hel’s worked tirelessly to help deliver a great project.”
Nichola Welch, Account Director, Events and Marketing, Ketchum