A day in the life of a Staff Booker

written by Melina

The Staff Booker – the essential piece in the experiential staffing puzzle! We have asked the lovely Chloe to give us the inside info on just what it takes to be a Staff Booker at Hel’s Angels…

Everyday in the Hel’s Angels office is different – well, variety is the spice of life! Booking staff requires determination to match the right people to the right team, based on the client’s brief. In essence, I am the Cupid of the promotional world! There is no typical day in this line of work- the only constant is my morning cup of tea and Bagelman.

We know our staff very well and know which jobs play to their strengths. Therefore, no matter the campaign, when a job drops into our inbox, we are able to find the best team. This involves individually selecting staffers based on their skills and ability, and evaluating what they will bring to a team. For example, whenever a client brief requires a specific look, I can instantly search our database and provide them with profiles to match their specification. This could be anything from a roller-skating waitress to a male superhero character.

When speaking to staffers, I like to talk to them over the phone rather than sending out a mass email. Here at Hel’s Angels, we think it’s important to hear the voices of our staffers in our ears, reminiscent of an Angelic choir (see what I did there?).

Of course, in this industry, it is inevitable that staffers will drop out of jobs. It is my job as a booker to find the perfect replacement, so that we continue to have a strong team of Angels. To every staffing problem, it’s the booker’s prerogative to find the ideal solution!

My day will also involve checking feedback and photos from ongoing events, which I consider to be one of the most important parts of my job. Taking care of our staff, seeing how they are getting on in the field and communicating with them is integral to the HA philosophy. Whether we are giving positive or negative feedback, we believe that it is essential to be honest with our staff. We aim to provide corrective coaching to make our Angels the best that they can be in the field.

No two days are the same in the office! Whether I’m crewing contortionists or a fifty-person roadshow, my favourite part of the job is maintaining the relationship with our field staff- and that’s the HA way too!

Hel’s Angels are currently recruiting for a Staff Booker on the Live Events Team in the London office. If you are interested and think you have what it takes please email your CV and a covering letter to talent@helsangels.net