Bosch Athlet Challenge Roadshow

written by Melina

When experiential agency BIGGER tasked us with bringing to life their touring roadshow for their client Bosch, we knew we needed to find brand ambassadors with the perfect balance of technical know-how and fun communication skills.

The roadshow visited 5 shopping centres around the UK to promote the new Bosch Athlet vacuum cleaner.

We knew our core team needed to have the technical knowledge that comes with a campaign of this type but also be able to convey the key messages in an engaging manner, which would appeal to both families and young professionals – they needed to be authoritative but with a youthful, fun vibe.

The experience saw our team encouraging the public to try out the model by challenging them to put the Athlet through its paces to see how much ‘dirt’ they could clean up in 60 seconds on the Athlet Challenge obstacle course. The team were also on hand to give product and technical information and encourage shoppers to buy the product in the nearby John Lewis stores.

The tour was a fun-filled experience, which saw our brand ambassadors encouraging shoppers to take to social media to win prizes, from the Athlet itself to the Bosch cuddly Tiger toy!