Plant Connoisseurs’ Club, Kew Garden’s

written by Guest Angel



Kew Garden’s Intoxication Season has been running since 20th September and our Angels have been sampling mind altering plants to the public in full character as Plant Connoisseurs’.

Bompas & Parr have created these interactive workshops and transformed the Secluded Glasshouse into the very beautiful, Plant Connoisseurs’ Club.  Hel’s Angels held a casting process to find the perfect Character Brand Ambassador’s & Character Host for the project.

This weekend is your last chance to meet Samuel the Plant Guru and his live in “assistants” and learn all about intoxication and sample some plant based unusualities for yourselves.

Tickets can be booked here


Now for a few weird words from the wonderful Plant Connoisseur himself, Samuel:

“We are having a wonderfully stimulating time, taking our courageous guests on a journey of the mind and spirit. We have travelled from the dark, dripping depths of the Amazon Rainforest via the gentle white-sanded shores of Polynesia, through our own dining rooms and finally down the secret corridors of our mind to unlock the ornate sandalwood chest of our dormant unconscious.


“What is our conveyance on this magic carpet ride?” I hear you ask.

We are blown by the winds of fancy and carried on the back of a story. This story exists all around us, sometimes exotic, sometimes familiar – it is to be found in fanciful flowers, euphoria-enhancing leaves and tantric teas! As part of ‘Intoxicated By Kew’ and aided and abetted by those brilliant people at ‘Bompas & Parr‘ we are sharing tales and sampling substances of the nearly, but not quite illicit.”



All photos are copyright Bompas & Parr